How it Works

Snake Draft Format

Prior to the draft event, the sequential first-pick order for all twelve teams is predetermined by a random lottery selected by the commissioner of the league.

In the first round, each team makes a single-player pick in the player draft order determined by the lottery. When the first round is over, the team that picked last in the first-round picks first in the second round and follows that order in reverse with the team that picked first in the first round now going last. MLP teams are made up of four players, which means four rounds in total for the draft with the team in the first round once again selecting first in the third round and then reversing once more for the fourth and final round.  

The excitement of the two men, two women co-ed format in the snake draft means that teams can pick players in any gender order they choose, raising the stakes on strategizing the most winning team dynamic!

Want to Learn more?

Watch the ABC's of MLP break down the snake format