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May 25, 2023

With the final event of the first season, MLP San Clemente is just weeks away and all teams are gearing up for the competition with the very top contenders in each level hoping to be one of two teams in that level to make it to the Season One Super Finals on Monday, June 19th!

About The Season One Super Finals

MLP 2023 splits the year into two separate seasons each consisting of three events. This first season has consisted of MLP Mesa, MLP Daytona Beach, and the upcoming MLP San Clemente. On the Monday following the third and final event of the season (MLP San Clemente), the top two ranked teams in each level based on the Total Event Points earned from all three events combined will face off against each other in the Season’s Super Finals for the title of MLP 2023 Season One Champions!

Two levels of competition mean there will be two separate Season Super Finals and two separate Season Champs – one for Challenger Level and one for Premier Level!

And for those teams who don’t make it to the finals in the first season, in September we kick off the second season of three events of MLP 2023 in Peachtree Corners, Georgia, with all 24 contenders vying to be one of the 12 teams in the Premier Level to start 2024.  And of course, the valuable draft pick slots are on the line for 2024 too! 

With a third of the season on the line at MLP San Clemente, the field still remains open but we’ve gone ahead and built out our statistical model based on performance, crunched the numbers, and ran 10,000 simulations of the outcome of San Clemente and these are the probabilities of each team making the playoffs. While the Bay Area Breakers are all but guaranteed a spot in the Season One Super Finals, all teams listed need to make the KO rounds to have a chance.

Also, stay tuned for the group stage draws and final match-up schedule for MLP San Clemente which will be published in the next few days and could make these super finals spots spicy if two contenders end up in the same group!