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January 26, 2023

Welcome to your MLP Mesa Live game updates!


We started the morning with an upset – 5th seed NY Hustlers upset Seattle Pioneers in a Dreambreaker, to win the match 3-2. Watch all of today’s action on the Tennis Channel or our YouTube.

Here is your Saturday bracket and game score update as of 8pm. The New York Hustlers and Florida Smash are heading to the Premier Semi-Finals!

and here is the schedule for Sunday –

Here’s our Quarter-Final bracket for Premier Level! Updated at 3:15pm MT

All matches from now to finals happen on Championship Court. First match is 3:30pm – New Jersey 5’s vs. New York Hustlers. Second match is 5:30pm – Florida Smash vs. Milwaukee Mashers.

Saturday Premier Group Play Updates! Round 3 of Group Play is complete – 3:00pm MT Saturday

New Jersey and Milwaukee move on to Quarters from Group A.

Los Angeles Mad Drops and Florida Smash move on from Group B.

Saturday Premier Group Play Updates! 1:30pm MT Saturday

The Seattle Pioneers and New York Hustlers move on to the Quarter-finals! ATX Pickleballers and Las Vegas Night Owls are out.

Get individual game scores for each match here.

Friday final results recap!

Challenger playoff update! 5pm MT Friday

The Utah Black Diamonds and Bay Area Breakers are heading to the finals! The Challenger final will take place Sunday at 2pm MT – watch live on the Tennis Channel.

Premier stage group update for Groups A and C – 3:14pm MT Friday

Challenger playoff update – 1:30pm MT Friday

Challenger level Semi-Finals update! Utah Black diamonds advance to play #1 seed Chicago Slice (Champ court) and Atlanta Bouncers move on to face the #2 seed Bay Area breakers (Grandstand Court) – both games at 3pm MT.

Premier Group play updates after Round 1 Friday morning:





Thursday Challenger Level Group Stage

8am Matches

Bay Area Breakers vs. Columbus Pickleball Club
WD: Bay Area 21-18
MD: Bay Area 22-20
MX1: Columbus 21-17
MX2: Bay Area 21-13
Bay Area Breakers win 3-1

Utah Black Diamonds vs. D.C. Pickleball Team
WD: Utah 21-15
MD: Utah 21-16
MX1: D.C. 21-17
MX2: Utah 21-18
Utah Black Diamonds win 3-1

Orlando Squeeze vs. Chicago Slice
WD: Chicago 21-16
MD: Orlando 21-17
MX1: Chicago 21-18
MX2: Chicago 21-17
Chicago Slice wins 3-1

Texas Ranchers vs. Miami Pickleball Club
WD: Texas wins 21-16
MD: Miami wins 21-18
MX1: Texas wins 21-18
MX2: Texas wins 21-9
Texas Ranchers win 3-1

10am Matches

AZ Drive vs. Atlanta Bouncers
WD: Atlanta wins
MD: Arizona wins
MX1: Arizona wins
Dreambreaker: Atlanta wins 21-11
Atlanta Bouncers win 3-2 in a Dreambreaker!

Dallas Pickleball Club vs. Brooklyn Aces
WD: Dallas wins 21-18
MD: Dallas wins 23-21
MX1: Dallas wins 21-16
Dallas wins 3-0

11am Matches

Bay Area Breakers vs. Utah Black Diamonds
WD: Bay Area wins 21-18
MD: Bay Area wins 21-15
MX1: Utah wins 22-20
MX2: Bay Area wins 21-12
Bay Area wins 3-1

D.C. Pickleball Team vs. Columbus Pickleball Club
WD: D.C. wins 21-17
MD: D.C. wins 21-12
MX1: D.C. wins 21-18
D.C. wins 3-0

12pm Matches

Orlando Squeeze vs. Texas Ranchers
WD: Orlando wins 22-20
MD: Orlando wins 21-13
MX1: Texas wins 21-13
MX2: Texas wins 21-18
Dreambreaker: Orlando wins 21-15

Chicago Slice vs. Miami Pickleball Club
WD: Miami wins 21-17
MD: Chicago wins 21-12
MX1: Chicago wins 21-19
MX2: Chicago wins 21-12
Chicago wins 3-1

1pm Matches

Brooklyn Aces vs. AZ Drive
WD: Brooklyn wins 21-18
MD: AZ wins 21-19
MX1: AZ wins 21-17
MX2: Brooklyn wins 21-15
Dreambreaker: Brooklyn wins 21-17

Dallas Pickleball Club vs. Atlanta Bouncers
WD: Dallas wins 21-16
MD: Dallas wins 23-21
MX1: Atlanta wins 21-13
MX2: Atlanta wins 21-12
Dreambreaker: Atlanta wins 21-14

2pm Matches

Bay Area Breakers vs. D.C. Pickleball team
WD: Bay Area wins 22-20
MD: D.C. wins 21-18
MX1: Bay Area wins 21-10
MX2: D.C. wins 21-18
Dreambreaker: Bay Area wins 22-20

Columbus Pickleball Club vs. Utah Black Diamonds
WD: Utah wins 21-6
MD: Utah wins 21-18
MX1: Columbus wins 21-19
MX2: Utah wins 21-12
Utah wins 3-1

3pm Matches

Orlando Squeeze vs. Miami Pickleball Club
WD: Orlando wins 21-18
MD: Orlando wins 21-17
MX1: Orlando wins 21-18
Orlando wins 3-0

Chicago Slice vs. Texas Ranchers
WD: Chicago wins 21-13
MD: Chicago wins 21-19
MX1: Chicago wins 22-20
Chicago wins 3-0

4pm Matches

AZ Drive vs. Dallas Pickleball Club
WD: AZ wins 21-18
MD: AZ wins 21-15
MX1: AZ wins 21-17
AZ Drive wins 3-0

Atlanta Bouncers vs. Brooklyn Aces
WD: Brooklyn wins 21-9
MD: Brooklyn wins 23-21
MX1: Atlanta wins 21-19
MX2: Atlanta wins 22-20
Dreambreaker: Atlanta wins 21-19

Challenger playoff bracket:

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