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June 15, 2023

Welcome to the MLP San Clemente “Thursday Feed” – your go-to destination for the most current info on matches and gameplay happening at MLP San Clemente all day Thursday. Be sure to bookmark this page and come back for the latest updates all day!

Update 7:05 AM PT – The start of today’s MLP SAN CLEMENTE matches is currently delayed due to weather. Matches will not start before 1:30 P.M. ET / 10:30 a.m. PT and we will provide further updates as we have them.

Update 12:35 PM PT: Championship Court. MPC beats AZ Drive 3-1. After a nearly nearly three hour rain delay, Major League Pickleball kicked off it’s first match of the weekend on Championship Court with the Miami Pickleball Club(MPC) competing against the AZ Drive. AZ Drive had an injury substitution, with South Carolina’s Anderson Scarpa filing in for Andreas Siljestrom. 

Game 1. Genie Erokhina and Sarah Ansboury from Team AZ Drive held a slender 11-10 advantage at the side out. However, thanks to the aggressive play of Regina Goldberg and Alix Truong from the Miami Pickleball Club, they managed to secure a convincing 21-16 victory in the game.

Game 2. It was a tough battle between MPC’s Wes Burrows and Brendon Long  and AZ Drives’ John Cincola and Anderson Scarpa. Burrows and Long needed to take advantage of the late addition of Scarpa to the team and the new partnership. Scarpa’s footwork was anything but silent throughout the game,  with his constant split-stepping keeping him ready for the next shot. A missed backhand volley counter by Cincola brought the score to 21-19, giving MPC a 2-0 game lead in the match.

Game 3. In this thrilling mixed doubles game, Cincola and Erokhina from AZ Drive unleashed a relentless onslaught right from the beginning, establishing an impressive 11-3 lead at the side out. Despite MPC Long’s valiant efforts to insert himself more into the points through aggressive play, the substantial lead held by AZ proved insurmountable. The game reached its conclusion with an 21-10 victory in favor of AZ Drive.

Game 4. MPC’s Alix Truong and Wes Burrows needed to win this game to avoid a dreambreaker. MPC’s Alix Truong and Wes Burrows  closed out the game 21-17,  avoiding a fifth game dreambreaker and bringing the match to a 3:1 close.

Update 1:08 PM PT. Grandstand Court. Columbus beats Utah 3-1

Game 1. Columbus stormed out of the gate, securing an early 6-0 lead. However, Utah gradually found their rhythm and embarked on a series of surges, ultimately reaching the pivotal 11-point mark. Rianna Valdez displayed remarkable composure in her debut match, although she experienced a call being overturned when the score was at 11-10. Utah continued their strong performance, reaching a 20-16 advantage. Despite facing numerous game points, Columbus resiliently fought back, steadily narrowing the deficit until they ultimately sealed the victory on their fifth game point with a 21-19 finish.

Game 2. In an incredibly one-sided Game 2, Columbus hit the ground running, quickly amassing a commanding 10-point lead with a score of 13-3. Yates Johnsons’ drives were scorching hot, while CJ Klinger stood poised and prepared to capitalize on every opportunity. Even when Utah managed to launch offensive moves, Columbus swiftly countered with precision. Yates and CJ showed no mercy as they relentlessly bulldozed their way to a resounding 21-9 triumph. In the realm of MLP, it’s rare to witness a game as lopsided as this one.

Game 3. The early stages of the match witnessed some back and forth exchanges; however, it was Yates Johnson from Columbus who truly stole the spotlight with his remarkable offensive display. Johnson continuously manufactured opportunities through his precise backhand roll dinks and assertive swinging volleys. Although his aggressive approach occasionally led to unforced errors, Columbus remained steadfast in their game plan. Despite Spencer Smith from Utah visibly attempting to increase his engagement and aggression, he struggled to find success. Columbus ultimately cruised to a comfortable 21-14 victory, with Utah unable to mount much of a fight.

Game 4. In a captivating showdown, the court witnessed Megan Fudge standing as the sole right-handed player in the mix. The game remained fiercely contested, with the halftime score locked at a tight 11-9. The match showcased numerous impressive points, featuring lengthy dink rallies. Columbus consistently demonstrated their ability to capitalize on these exchanges, finding ways to come out on top more often than not. Fudge and Klinger refused to surrender even an inch, displaying tenacity as they comfortably sealed the victory with a final score of 21-14, encountering minimal obstacles along the way.

Update 1:51 PM PT. Court 3. Chicago Slice beat Atlanta Bouncers(ATL) 3-1.

Game 1. In the opening game, the Atlanta Bouncers’ dynamic duo of Rane and Buckner dominated, securing an impressive 21-10 victory. The turning point arrived when Atlanta, applying relentless pressure, established a commanding 11-3 lead at the side out. Their relentless efforts caused numerous errors from the Chicago Slice, effectively disrupting their rhythm. Buckner’s skilled right-side poaching, complemented by Rane’s expert control over the majority of the points, enabled Atlanta to close out the game with great strength and determination.

Game 2. In an exciting contest, the Chicago Slice emerged triumphant with a score of 21-16. Chicago Slice’s Connor Garnett and Ryler DeHeart displayed exceptional resilience, managing to stave off the relentless efforts of ATL’s Locklear and Hunter Johnson. Johnson made an explosive entrance, delivering two remarkable flying ernes. However, despite Johnson’s crafty speed-ups, Garnett and DeHeart proved too formidable to be subdued. Locklear showcased remarkable strength and skill in his debut match, leaving a strong impression despite the team’s loss.

Game 3. In an intense mixed doubles matchup, the Chicago Slice emerged victorious with a score of 21-15. Ryler and Ackerman from the Slice put up a fierce fight against Rane and Locklear from ATL. Ryler showcased his exceptional skills by employing an effective third shot drive strategy. While Locklear displayed a resurgence, it wasn’t enough to overcome the combined strength of Ackerman and DeHeart. The score remained close at 16-14, leading the Slice to call a timeout. Following the timeout, DeHeart and Ackerman went on a run, overwhelming ATL with their relentless performance. The Chicago Slice proved too formidable for their opponents to handle, with a 21-15 win.

Game 4. In the second mixed doubles matchup, the Chicago Slice emerged victorious with a score of 21-18. Barr and Garnett from the Slice came in with a strong start, establishing an 11-8 lead at side out.. Garnett, fueled by a determination to make his mark, displayed exceptional play, even daring to claim middle balls that Barr had called for. His assertiveness paid off, propelling them to a 15-11 advantage and forcing ATL’s Buckner and Johnson to call a timeout. ATL’s strategic pause proved fruitful as they mounted a comeback, seizing a 17-16 lead. However, Garnett and Barr swiftly regained control, crushing ATL’s momentum and concluding the match with a dominant  run. With this victory, the Chicago Slice secured a 3-1 triumph in the overall match.

Update 2:08 PM PT. Court 4. Bay Area Breakers beat Texas Ranchers 3-1.

Game 1. The Texas Ranchers got off to a blazing start, leading 11-7 at side out. The Breakers’  newly added player, Glozman, took some time to find her rhythm, however, Glozman and Radikowska mounted a remarkable comeback, leveling the score at 19-19. In the end, Texas’ MLP hero, Lee Whitwell and Tina Pisnik displayed exceptional composure and sealed the game with a 21-19 victory.

Game 2.  In the Men’s Doubles, the Breakers took an early lead and maintained their dominance throughout the game, ultimately securing a 21-16 victory. Christian Alshon, known as the self-proclaimed “tweener king,” showcased his skills with two impressive tweeners. Alshon and Tellez demonstrated why they are a formidable team, exemplifying the qualities that have earned the Bay Area Breakers the title of 2-time MLP champions.

Game 3. In the first mixed doubles  matchup, the Bay Area Breakers continued their strong performance, winning 21-15. Pablo took charge right from the start, exhibiting aggressive play and posing a constant challenge to Lee  Whitwell. Whitwell and Smith struggled to find answers to Tellez’s powerful drives, resulting in several third shot drives by Texas landing in the net.

Game 4. The second mixed doubles  game proved to be the closest of all, with continuous lead changes throughout the match. Breakers’ Smith and Pisnik faced off against Alshon and Glozman, and the game remained tightly contested until the end. At 18-18, Christian Alshon elevated his game,  with  a shake ‘n bake put away set up perfectly by Glozman’s drive, securing the match-winning point for Bay Area.

Update 2:54 PM PT. Grandstand Court. DC Pickleball Club defeats Brooklyn Aces 4-0.

Game 1. In the Women’s category, DC emerged triumphant with a narrow 22-20 win. The game featured the introduction of fresh new faces, with Castillo representing DC and Frantova representing Brooklyn.Both teams initially succumbed to nerves, resulting in abbreviated rallies.However, as the players settled into their rhythm, the rallies became longer and more intense. The game showcased an incredible display of firepower, with all four ladies possessing the ability to punish any high ball. The contest remained fiercely competitive throughout, with continuous hands battle exchanges. At a critical juncture with the score tied at 20-20, Castillo from DC struck a crucial forehand drive that found the net cord, breaking the deadlock and setting the stage for their eventual triumph at 22-20.

Game 2. In Men’s doubles, DC clinched a hard-fought victory with a score of 21-18. Sam Querrey, representing DC, displayed his finesse by showcasing a soft game, highlighting his commitment to improving his pickleball skills throughout the match. DC maintained a comfortable lead throughout the game, reaching a commanding 20-16 advantage. However, Dow and Nunnery from Brooklyn put up a valiant fight, fending off several game points and tightening the scoreline towards the end. The game reached an exhilarating climax with a flurry of ATPs, ATP defenses, and ernes, ultimately concluding with DC sealing the victory at 21-18.

Game 3. In a strategic move, Brooklyn decided to position Hurricane Tyra Black on the left and Greg Dow on the right. Throughout the match, both teams remained evenly matched, with minimal separation on the scoreboard, reaching a tense 18-18 and 19-19 deadlock. However, after the changeover, Stefan from DC elevated his performance, intensifying his presence during crucial third shot opportunities and high balls. With a strong surge, DC sealed the victory, securing a 3-0 triumph and setting a fantastic tone for the third MLP event of the season. The upcoming mixed game still holds significance as players strive to make an impact on their individual player rankings, ensuring plenty of excitement in store.

Game 4. In an impressive display, Rob and Martina from Brooklyn showcased a relaxed and self-assured performance. Martina exhibited exceptional precision, displaying remarkable accuracy as she hardly missed a shot. Rob, on the other hand, strategically seized opportunities to unleash his aggression, capitalizing on every chance to launch powerful attacks. The game reached its climax with a breathtaking moment when Rob executed a spectacular backhand ATP, leaving spectators in awe. Brooklyn’s commanding performance led them to a convincing 21-9 triumph, leaving no doubt about their dominance in the match.

Update 3:12 PM PT. Championship Court. Dallas Pickleball Club beat the Orlando Squeeze 3-2 in Game 5 Dreambreaker.

Game 1. DPC’s dynamic duo of Jill Braverman  and Christa Gecheva displayed an impressive offensive display right from the star,. Through powerful drives, DPC swiftly built a commanding 5-0 lead. However, Orlando’s formidable team of Bobbi Oshiro and Rachel Rettger refused to back down, mounting a spirited comeback to narrow the gap. Despite the DPC holding a lead of 11-8 at side out, Orlando showcased heightened aggression for the remainder of the match. While DPC’s defense remained strong,  Oshiro and Rettger seized opportunities and orchestrated a remarkable turnaround, ultimately clinching a hard-fought victory with a score of 21-19.

Game 2. In men’s doubles, DPC, represented by De La Rosa and Newell, made a powerful start by aggressively attacking balls on the rise and charging the net, quickly establishing a commanding 11-4 lead. Orlando’s Callan and Fought, determined to tighten their game and reduce unforced errors, began to find their rhythm. However, DPC’s early advantage proved instrumental in maintaining their lead, allowing them to successfully close out the game with a score of 21-18. This victory brought DPC to a 1-1 tie in the overall match after the completion of women’s and men’s doubles.

Game 3. In the first mixed doubles matchup between DPC’s Gecheva and De la Rosa and Orlando’s Rettger and Fought, both teams brought tremendous intensity and power right from the start. The match showcased a thrilling display of skills and athleticism. Orlando’s mixed team displayed slightly fewer errors, granting them an 11-9 lead at the changeover. The battle between the two teams remained fiercely contested until the very end, making it the longest game of the match thus far. Rachel and Todd from Orlando demonstrated resilience and determination, managing to secure a hard-fought victory with a score of 26-24. The match point was sealed with an impressive ERNE, adding an exclamation point to their triumph

Game 4. DPC’s Jill Braverman and Ben Newell entered the match with a determined mindset, determined to mount a comeback. They swiftly established an early lead, putting Orlando’s Bobbi and Dawson on the defensive. Despite their best efforts to narrow the gap, Bobbi and Dawson fell just short, trailing 8-11 at the changeover. DPC continued to assert their dominance with an aggressive playing style, maintaining their lead throughout the game. Ultimately, they clinched the victory with a score of 21-15, granting the team an opportunity to seek redemption against Orlando in the dreambreaker round.

Game 5. Stellar performances from Jill Braverman and Daniel De La Rosa propelled DPC to victory. In the dreambreaker match, both teams showcased exceptional individual talents. However, it was the remarkable contributions of Jill Braverman and Daniel De La Rosa that ultimately made the difference for DPC. Their exceptional skills and determination not only allowed DPC to seize the lead but also played a pivotal role in securing the overall victory for their team. Their outstanding performances were instrumental in delivering the win to DPC 21-18 and winning the match for them ultimately.

Update 3:58 PM PT. Court 4. AZ Drive beats the Columbus Pickleball Club 4-0.

Game 1. AZ Drive wins 21-17. The game remained tight for a significant portion of the match, with a score of 11-10 at side out. However, in the second half, AZ Drive dominated the court. Cincola unleashed his aggressive playing style, attacking every shot, while Scarpa showcased his reliability, avoiding unforced errors. They surged ahead, widening the gap to 17-11. Columbus PC attempted a late comeback, but AZ Drive never showed signs of faltering.

Game 2. AZ Drive wins 21-10. From start to finish, this game belonged to AZ Drive. Ansboury and Erokhina of AZ Drive took control early, leading 11-5 at side out and maintaining their dominance throughout. Ansboury exhibited exceptional consistency in both her play and her encouragement towards Erokhina. Genie’s powerful two-hand backhand attacks applied relentless pressure on Columbus PC.

Game 3. AZ Drive wins 21-13. The presence of Cincola on the pickleball court made a remarkable difference for the AZ Drive team. They displayed an entirely different level of performance compared to their previous match in Daytona. Once again, this game was all about AZ Drive’s dominance. Genie’s flawless performance combined with John’s excellent court control ensured their victory. CJ Klinger will want to put this game behind quickly, as he became a bit too trigger-happy as the game slipped away.

Game 4. AZ Drive wins 21-18. Despite being down 3-0 in the overall match, Columbus PC did not play like a defeated team at the start of this game. They established a significant lead, going up 15-10. However, AZ Drive’s Scarpa and Ansboury had different plans. Ansboury kept Columbus PC on their toes with consistent cross-court dinks to Valdes and deceptive shots behind Johnson. This strategy provided ample opportunities for Scarpa to clean up each point and secure the victory, reaching a 21-18 victory.

Update 4:09 PM PT. Court 3. Utah Black Diamonds beat Miami Pickleball Club in Game 5 Dreambreaker.

Game 1. Utah’s dynamic duo, Esquivel and McMillan, entered the game with an explosive start, displaying their impressive firepower. They swiftly established an 11-6 lead at the switch, leaving Alix Truong and Regina Goldberg from Miami struggling to find an answer. In an attempt to halt Utah’s momentum, Miami called a timeout while trailing 12-17. The timeout proved effective as Miami rallied back with a remarkable 4-0 swing, narrowing the score to a close 16-17. However, Utah’s dominance proved insurmountable, as they showcased their skill and determination, ultimately sealing the game with a 21-17 victory.

Game 2: Utah emerges victorious in a nail-biting 21-19 battle.The intensity was palpable in the men’s doubles match as Spencer Smith from Utah set the tone with his relentless pressure and impressive ernes. Miami’s Brendon Long, however, responded with a winning shot executed flawlessly behind the defensive efforts of Rob Cassidy from Utah. Cassidy showcased his incredible defensive skills, diving for balls and giving it his all. Miami’s Wes Burrows ignited a surge with swift speed ups, putting Miami in the lead at 16-13. But Utah’s Rob tapped into a new level of determination, rallying his team to a remarkable comeback, tying the game at 19-19 and forcing Miami to call a timeout. With exceptional teamwork, Rob and Cassidy sealed the incredible comeback, clinching the game 21-19 for Utah.

Game 3. Miami secured a hard-fought 21-19 victory.  Smith and Esquivel from Utah launched into the mixed doubles match with an aggressive approach. Smith impressed with a remarkable ATP at a crucial 5-5 moment. Long of Miami faced a foot fault call on a seemingly easy overhead, adding fuel to his competitive fire. Despite some unsuccessful challenges, Long’s determination only grew stronger. The tide turned when Goldberg stepped up her game, contributing to Miami’s push for a 20-15 lead. Utah mounted a comeback, narrowing the gap to 20-18. Miami faced difficulty in closing out the game, requiring multiple match points. However, Miami’s resilience prevailed, as they secured the hard-fought victory with a final score of 21-19.

Game 4.  Miami dominates with a convincing 21-15 victory. Building on their previous success in the prior game MPC, carried their unwavering momentum into the fourth game. Wes Burrows, in particular, captivated the audience with his lightning-fast hand speed, showcasing his exceptional skills on the court. As the game progressed, Miami surged ahead, establishing a commanding 11-5 lead at the switch. However, Utah’s Olivia delivered a remarkable ATP shot, leaving MPC’s Truong momentarily stunned, and narrowing the gap to 12-15 in Miami’s favor. Undeterred, Truong rediscovered her rhythm towards the end, elevating her performance and enabling her team to ultimately seal the match with a convincing 21-15 victory. Miami’s exceptional display of teamwork and skill solidified their dominance in the mixed doubles category.

Game 5. In a thrilling Dreambreaker matchup, it was Utah who emerged victorious with a commanding performance in the DB (Dreambreaker). Spencer Smith of Utah showcased his exceptional skills and proved to be the MVP of the match. Facing off against Long, Smith dominated the court, winning an impressive 9 out of 12 points. His forehand was unstoppable, leaving Long struggling to find a response.

Not to be outdone, Michelle Esquivel of Utah displayed her prowess, winning 6 out of 8 points against Goldberg. Esquivel’s consistent and strategic play proved too much for Goldberg to handle. Despite the efforts of Wes from Miami, who provided a bright spot for his team, winning 6 out of 8 points against Cassidy, it was Utah who maintained control throughout the Dreambreaker.

Utah’s strong performances from Smith and Esquivel, coupled with Cassidy’s defensive efforts, ensured their victory in the DB. Their exceptional skills and determination propelled them to a convincing 21-15 triumph, securing an important win for Utah in this intense matchup.

Update 4:27 PM PT. Grandstand Court. Bay Area Breakers beat Atlanta Bouncers 3-1.

Game 1. In Women’s doubles, Atlanta dominated with a commanding 21-14 victory The match showcased the sheer dominance of Rane and Buckner from Atlanta as they burst onto the court with an impressive 7-0 lead, leaving their opponents no choice but to call a timeout. Their momentum remained unyielding, highlighted by their exceptional overhead defense during a crucial 13-5 point, which ultimately resulted in an error from Radikowska. Millie’s skillful display encompassed a wide range of shots, from precise drops and delicate volleys to three pinpoint lobs, leaving spectators in awe. To cap off their remarkable performance, Millie executed a sensational backhand ATP, solidifying Atlanta’s victory with a resounding 21-14 score.

Game 2. Alshon and Tellez of the Bay Area exuded remarkable chemistry on the court, their seamless coordination a testament to their extensive match history. Although they faced some initial challenges, they quickly regained their composure and surged ahead, establishing a commanding lead of 15-7. With exceptional finesse and precision, Pablo sealed the deal with a sensational Erne shot, securing a well-deserved victory for Bay Area at 21-14. Their performance demonstrated a winning formula that they consistently executed throughout the match, making it seem effortless time and time again.

Game 3. In a fiercely contested Mixed1 match between Buckner/Johnson of Atlanta and Radikowska/Tellez of Bay Area, both teams showcased their skills and determination. The score remained tight as they traded points back and forth. However, Bay Area gained an edge, unleashing a remarkable three-point streak to establish an 11-8 lead at the changeover. Ewa Radikowska’s exceptional two-handed backhand roll was on full display, earning her and Pablo four consecutive points, which prompted a timeout from the Atlanta Bouncers in search of a response. With a touch of brilliance, Radikowska set up Pablo for a highly pressurized two-handed backhand roll dink, securing the game-winning point. Pablo acknowledged his partner’s exceptional performance, stating, “All you!” The final score stood at 21-17 in favor of Bay Area, a testament to their skill and teamwork.

Game 4. In the second mixed doubles matchup featuring Rane/Locklear against Glozman/Alshon, the Breakers got off to a scorching start, swiftly amassing a commanding 6-0 lead. They carried their momentum into the changeover, holding an 11-5 advantage. The highlight of the first half was Alshon’s spectacular tweener reset, followed by a forehand speed-up into Locklear. Rane/Locklear rallied and strung together several points by employing a strategic approach, slowing down the tempo to disrupt the Bay Area Breakers’ momentum. However, Glozman/Alshon proved to be a formidable duo, ultimately overpowering their opponents. With a hard-fought battle, Bay Area sealed the victory with a final score of 21-18. Their exceptional performance showcased their skills and resilience, ensuring a well-deserved win in the match.

Update 4:59 PM PT. Championship Court. Chicago Slice beat Texas Ranchers 4-0.

Game 1. In  women’s doubles, it was the Chicago Slice’s  Emily and Susannah who burst out of the gates with a strong display of drives and aggressive play. They quickly took the lead, showcasing their skills and determination. However, the Texas Ranchers, represented by Pisnik and Whitwell, fought back valiantly, finding their rhythm and narrowing the gap to 11-10 at the changeover. After the break, the Chicago Slice tightened up their game, minimizing unforced errors and regaining control of the match. Their improved consistency paid off as they steadily extended their lead. With a combination of solid shot-making and strategic play, they ultimately emerged victorious with a score of 21-17, securing the first point for the Chicago Slice in this exciting matchup.

Game 2. In an intense MD (Men’s Doubles) showdown, the Ranchers initially struggled to find their rhythm but managed to turn the tide midway through the game. With a strategic sideline coaching from Lee Lee and unwavering support from the rest of the team, the Ranchers surged ahead, leading 11-7 at the switch over. Deheart from Chicago Slice initiated several impressive speed-ups, igniting fiery exchanges during the latter part of the match. Both teams battled fiercely, matching each other shot for shot until the very end. However, it was Chicago Slice who clinched victory in the final moments. Deheart showcased exceptional skill, retrieving an incredible defensive ball from the ground and swiftly transitioning it into an offensive shot on a match point. With a narrow margin of 21-19, Chicago emerged triumphant, securing a hard-fought win in the MD.

Game 3. In the first mixed doubles encounter between Chicago Slice’s Garnett/Barr and the Ranchers’ Pisnik/Doerner, Chicago Slice started strong, swiftly establishing a 5-0 lead. Although Pisnik/Doerner made valiant efforts to narrow the gap, they trailed 7-11 at the switch ends. Chicago Slice maintained their lead, dominating the second half of the game with a commanding 17-10 advantage. The Texas Ranchers called a timeout in an attempt to disrupt Chicago’s momentum, but the duo of Susannah and Connor remained unfazed. With a stellar performance, Chicago Slice sealed the victory with a decisive 21-15 triumph in MXD1. This remarkable win not only secured their success in the individual match but also granted them an overall victory in the competition. Chicago Slice demonstrated their skill, teamwork, and determination, solidifying their position as a formidable force in mixed doubles.

Game 4 . In a showdown between Chicago Slice’s Emily Ackerman and Ryler Deheart and the Ranchers’  Lee Whitwell and Patrick Smith, the stakes were high despite the outcome of the match already being decided. Chicago Slice had already secured a commanding 3-0 lead, but both teams displayed immense determination and fought for every point. The game remained closely contested, with neither side willing to concede an inch. As the teams reached the changeover, the score stood at a nail-biting 11-10, showcasing the intense battle unfolding on the court. Undeterred by their lead in the match, Chicago Slice maintained their focus and concentration, executing their game plan flawlessly. With a tenacious display of skill and teamwork, Chicago Slice sealed the victory in the mixed category with a final score of 21-18. Despite the overall match outcome already being determined, Chicago Slice showcased their unwavering commitment to excellence, ending the competition with an impressive 4-0 scoreline.

Update 5:41 PM PT.Court Four. Dallas Pickleball Club beat the Brookyln Aces 3-1.

Game 1. In Women’s Doubles, DPC showcased a display of power and precision, reminiscent of a tennis match. With four fierce women unleashing thunderous shots, the game was closely contested from start to finish. DPC managed to maintain a slim lead throughout, always finding a way to stay one or two points ahead. In the end, they broke through and finished strong with a hard-fought 21-16 victory, which even sparked some spirited discussion due to a challenged ATP call.

Game 2. The Men’s game, however, belonged to Brooklyn. Dow and Nunnery unleashed an all-out assault, leaving no room for De La Rosa and Newell to find their rhythm. Despite De La Rosa’s impressive four ernes, Brooklyn’s relentless performance propelled them to an 11-7 lead at the break. From that point on, DPC struggled to find their footing, making forced shots that led to compounded mistakes and unforced errors. Brooklyn emerged with a dominant 21-13 win, showcasing their exceptional skills.

Game 3. In the mixed, DPC continued their winning streak with a hard-fought victory. Daniel De La Rosa proved once again why he hits the ball harder than anyone else in professional pickleball, earning the admiration of fellow player Yana Grechkina. DPC maintained a comfortable lead throughout the game, usually holding a 3-5 point advantage. Although Brooklyn attempted a late comeback, Hurricane’s crucial mistake on an easy overhead out wide sealed the deal for DPC, resulting in a 21-18 win.

Game 4. The second mixed  match provided an entertaining spectacle despite the scoreline. With the game finely poised at 11-10 at the break, it seemed poised to be a closely fought battle. However, DPC rallied after the break, demonstrating resilience and unity. Ben Newell’s incredible agility and multiple falls during intense rallies showcased his commitment to the game. Jilly B’s exceptional performance and consistency kept DPC in the points, setting up opportunities for success. Ultimately, DPC prevailed with a convincing 21-13 victory.

Update 6:05 PM PT. Court Three. DC Pickleball Club beats Orlando Squeeze 3-2 in Dreambreaker.

Game 1. In Women’s Doubles, DC managed to clinch a hard-fought victory against Squeeze. Despite Squeeze’s strong start, DC kept the score close, trailing by just two points at the switch (11-9 in favor of Squeeze). The match saw numerous back-and-forth points, and at 19-19, DC showcased their resilience by battling through three consecutive net cords to secure a crucial point. Bates and Judit of DC brought a surge of energy to the game, fist-pumping after every other point and igniting the atmosphere. Their spirited play propelled them to a thrilling 22-20 win, leaving the crowd on the edge of their seats.

Game 2. The Men’s Doubles match between Orlando and DC was a one-sided affair, with Orlando seizing control early on. They swiftly built an 8-3 lead, leaving Querrey and Stefan of DC struggling to find their rhythm. DC’s game was marred by a series of unforced errors, leading to a quick 21-7 defeat.

Game 3. The Mixed Doubles match began with both teams exchanging blows, showcasing their skills. Dawson’s beautifully executed ATP shot put Squeeze ahead at 9-7. Squeeze maintained a narrow lead at the switch, with the score standing at 11-10. Oshiro’s aggressive play, including strategic ernes and powerful shots towards Bates, added pressure on DC. However, DC’s impressive defense seamlessly transitioned into offense. Callan proved to be a formidable force, consistently winning the cross-court dink battles against Shelby. With DC trailing 19-16, they called a timeout in a desperate attempt to regain momentum. Unfortunately, DC’s efforts were in vain as Callan and Bobbi of Orlando continued their unstoppable performance, ultimately securing a 21-17 victory.

Game 4. DC’s dominance extended to the second mixed doubles match. Fought displayed remarkable form, delivering three overhead kills within the first six points, setting the tone for DC’s strong start. Sam, who had struggled in the Men’s Doubles match, found his touch and showcased an improved performance in the mixed category. With Sam’s aggression, including well-executed ernes, DC maintained control. Squeeze called a timeout when trailing 13-17, hoping to regroup and turn the tide. However, DC proved resilient, holding off Squeeze’s comeback attempt and securing a well-deserved 21-18 victory.
Game 5. D.C. Pickleball Club showcased their skillset in the Dreambreaker as they secured a resounding victory, defeating their opponents with a commanding score of 21-13. There was simply no stopping D.C. in this thrilling showdown. Sam, exhibiting his remarkable skills and finesse, impressively won 7 out of 8 points, highlighting his prowess as a formidable singles player. Squeeze, recognizing the mounting pressure, called a timeout at 17-9 in a bid to regroup, but even that couldn’t halt the unstoppable force that Stefan unleashed for D.C.

With this remarkable performance, D.C. emerged triumphant in the Dreambreaker, sealing the match with a final score of 3-2. Their exceptional display of skill and determination showcased their status as a force to be reckoned with in the world of pickleball.

Update 6:35 PM PT. Championship Court. AZ Drive beats Utah Black Diamonds 3-1.

Game 1. In the Women’s Doubles matchup, both teams displayed an aggressive approach right from the start, engaging in a fierce exchange of shots. Michelle and Olivia McMillan of Utah Black Diamond held a slim one-point lead at the changeover, with the score standing at 11-10. The teams continued to unleash their firepower, but it was AZ Drive who managed to gain a slight advantage, leading 18-16. This forced Utah to call a timeout in an attempt to shift the momentum that Genie and Sarah of AZ Drive had built. The match reached a thrilling climax, with both sides frozen at 20-19. However, it was AZ Drive who maintained their composure and sealed the game with a final score of 21-19.

Game 2. In Men’s doubles, AZ Drive showcased a more disciplined game, committing fewer unforced errors and displaying patience. They established an 11-6 lead before the switch, putting them in a favorable position. However, Rob and Spencer of Utah fought back, finding their rhythm and employing a strategy of targeting their opponents’ feet to stay in contention. The match witnessed exceptional hand skills from AZ Drive and a remarkable ATP shot by Cincola, securing them a pivotal point at 18-14. This propelled AZ Drive with renewed momentum, allowing them to ultimately close out the game with a score of 21-17.

Game 3. In a crucial mixed doubles encounter between AZ Drive’s John Cincola and Genie Erokhina and Utah’s Olivia McMillan and Spencer Smith, Utah found themselves in a must-win situation as they trailed 2-0 in the match. However, AZ Drive’s John and Genie had their sights set on victory and showcased their unwavering focus throughout the game. With an 11-8 lead in the mid-game, AZ Drive maintained their aggressive approach, leaving no room for Utah to stage a comeback. John and Genie’s exceptional teamwork and relentless drive propelled them to yet another triumph, securing the overall match win for AZ Drive. This victory not only highlighted the skill and determination of John and Genie but also solidified AZ Drive’s dominance in the match. Their ability to maintain composure and execute their game plan ensured a successful outcome, further establishing them as a force to be reckoned with in the world of pickleball.

Game 4. In a match where pride and determination were at stake, the second mixed doubles encounter between AZ Drive and Utah Black Diamond provided spectators with a thrilling spectacle. With AZ Drive already enjoying a 3-0 lead, Anderson Scarpa and Sarah from AZ Drive had a fearless approach, knowing they had nothing to lose. On the other side, Michelle Esquivel and Rob Cassidy of Utah fought tooth and nail to keep their team’s hopes alive. The match unfolded with relentless back-and-forth exchanges, as both teams displayed remarkable skill and resilience. With the score delicately poised at 11-10 in favor of Utah at the changeover, it became evident that every point would be crucial in determining the outcome. The intensity on the court was palpable as Anderson, Sarah, Michelle, and Rob left no stone unturned in their pursuit of victory. In a closely contested battle, Utah managed to seize the crucial moments and emerged triumphant in the final game with a score of 22-20. Michelle and Rob’s determination and unwavering spirit propelled them to victory, securing a much-needed point for their team in the overall match. Despite AZ Drive’s initial advantage, Utah showcased their fighting spirit, refusing to yield until the last point was won.

Update 6:52 PM PT. Grandstand Court. Miami Pickleball Club beat Columbus 3-1.

Game 1. In the women’s matchup, Miami emerged victorious with a narrow 21-19 win. Throughout the game, neither team could establish a significant lead, as the score remained close. Tied at 19, Miami displayed their composure and sealed the match with two crucial points, culminating in a remarkable backhand speed-up by Truong. Miami’s Truong showcased an aggressive left side, executing well-timed speed-ups that proved fruitful. Goldberg, on the other hand, demonstrated her trademark steady performance on the right side, delivering superb resets and pressure-applying dinks. Fudge and Valdes put up a solid fight for Columbus, but Miami’s ability to make a few more plays ultimately secured them the hard-fought victory.

Game 2. In men’s doubles, Columbus prevailed with a nail-biting 21-19 triumph. The match was filled with intense hands-battles, delighting the fans in attendance. Columbus held a 19-16 advantage, but Miami fought back valiantly, winning three consecutive rallies to level the score at 19. The pivotal moment came in the next point, which proved to be the highlight of the match. Both teams engaged in a series of overhead attempts before Columbus’ young powerhouse, CJ Klinger, emerged victorious in a thrilling hands-battle, giving his team a 20-19 lead. Klinger continued his heroics in the following rally, securing the win for Columbus in yet another exhilarating firefight.

Game 3. The mixed doubles encounters provided grandstand entertainment for the spectators. In Mixed Doubles, Miami and Columbus engaged in an epic clash. The match initially seemed to be heading towards a straightforward victory for Miami, as they held a commanding 19-10 advantage. However, the tenacious pairing of Fudge and Klinger from Columbus refused to back down, battling their way back to a match point at 21-10. Miami, displaying resilience and determination, rallied to secure crucial points down the stretch and eventually emerged victorious with a thrilling 25-23 win. Long and Goldberg set the tone for Miami with their impressive performances. Long’s aggressive approach created difficulties for Columbus from the very beginning, while Goldberg showcased her impeccable resets and dinks, even surprising Columbus with a perfectly executed Erne. Fudge, with her precise dinks and volleys, demonstrated her mastery of the game, often delivering cutting shots in clutch situations when Columbus was on the brink of defeat. The match truly lived up to its epic status.

Game 4. Miami’s Burrows and Truong started strongly, building an 11-6 lead at the changeover. However, Johnson and Valdes from Columbus fought back, winning the next five rallies to level the match at 11. The game of momentum swings continued, but Miami managed to pull away, closing the match with a 10-4 run to claim a 21-15 victory. Two standout moments during Miami’s decisive run included Burrows showcasing quick hands to counter a speed-up attempt, earning Miami a crucial 17-13 advantage, and Truong’s exceptional court coverage on a poach attempt, evading a body-bag shot that sailed out of bounds, securing a pivotal point for Miami at 19-14.

Update 7:30 PM PT. Grandstand Court. Atlanta Bouncers beat Texas Ranchers 3-1.

Game 1. In the women’s matchup, the Texas Ranchers emerged victorious with a narrow 21-18 win. The game was characterized by a display of remarkable lobs and exceptional lob returns, particularly from TX’s Tina Pisnik. The score remained tight, reaching 11-9 at the break. Soon after the break, a controversial out call challenged at 13-11 added fuel to the fire. Despite several comeback attempts from ATL, TX managed to hold their ground and secure the victory at 21.

Game 2. The men’s game was a close battle from start to finish, with ATL prevailing with a score of 21-17. The game remained within a 3-point margin until the very end. ATL’s Phil Locklear stood as an impenetrable wall on defense, frustrating TX’s repeated attempts to overcome him. Additionally, ATL’s Hunter Johnson found success by employing two-hand backhand attacks against Scott Doerner, landing three crucial shots in the latter half of the game.

Game 3. In Mixed Doubles, ATL continued their winning streak with a hard-fought 22-20 victory. The match served as a warm welcome for ATL’s Philip Locklear, who showcased his skills by securing wins in both his men’s doubles and mixed doubles games. ATL appeared to be cruising to victory with a substantial 20-11 lead, but TX mounted a remarkable comeback, leveling the score at 20. However, TX’s hopes were dashed as they committed crucial unforced errors, allowing ATL to secure the win.

Game 4. This mixed game witnessed an impressive comeback by ATL, resulting in a 3-1 victory. Texas took an early 13-7 lead, seemingly dominating the game. However, ATL mounted an incredible comeback, with standout player Milly Rane leading the charge. Rane’s exceptional play throughout the game, including a lob winner at game point for the opposing team, contributed significantly to ATL’s triumph. Notably, Scott Doerner from the Ranchers encountered some difficulties, committing four foot faults during the game, with two of them occurring on consecutive points.

Update 7:44 PM PT. Court Three. Bay Area Breakers beat Chicago Slice 4-0.

Game 1. The Bay Area Breakers triumphed 21-18 In a quest for their first victory in Women’s Doubles, Glozman and Radikowska of Bay Area found themselves in an early deficit, trailing 5-0. However, Barr and Ackerman of Chicago relentlessly earned every point with their aggressive play and energy. The Bay Area team persevered, launching powerful shots and forcing their opponents to make precise returns. The game reached a thrilling climax with a tie at 15-15, and Glozman showcased her impeccable hand skills on resets and unleashed fiery attacks. It became a nail-biting battle until the end. Watching Glozman play, one couldn’t help but be amazed by her genuine surprise whenever she missed a ball, evident in her dropped jaw and wide-eyed disbelief. The Bay Area Breaker women secured their first win of the day in a crucial match that would determine their playoff seed, triumphing 21-18.

Game 2. Bay Area Breakers claim victory with a score of 21-19 From start to finish, the Men’s game was a closely contested affair. The score remained within a three-point margin until the last point. ATL’s Phil Locklear stood as an impenetrable defensive force, with TX attempting to overcome him repeatedly. ATL’s Hunter Johnson found success with his two-handed backhand attacks on Scott Doerner, landing three crucial shots in the latter half of the game. The game showcased the brilliance of righty-lefty partnerships, with meticulously coordinated plays that appeared as if rehearsed for years on both sides. Pablo suffered a twisted ankle and required a timeout, but it didn’t seem to affect his performance significantly, as his partner stepped up to provide support. With a heavy push, Chicago managed to bring the score to 19-20, keeping the game alive. It wasn’t over yet, as Bay Area Breakers had not one, but three game points to secure the win, with Alshon incorporating an impressive tweener reset into the last point, sealing the deal.

Game 3. Once again, two undefeated lineups put their records on the line. Pablo displayed exceptional mobility, covering a significant portion of the court. Any signs of his ankle injury vanished, and his partner’s defense thwarted a powerful two-handed backhand ATP from Barr. The boys exhibited remarkable skills, but the most prominent pattern in the game was the thrilling backhand crosscourt battles between Ewa and Connor, delighting the spectators. Bay Area Breakers led 11-7 at the changeover. Pablo’s dipping third shot drives to Susannah set up easy putaways, extending their lead to 15-7. Despite a side change from the Slice in an attempt to alter the course of the game, Bay Area Breakers swept the first three games with a dominant 21-10 score, showcasing the substantial gap between the top and second-ranked teams in their pool.

Game 4. Although this match wouldn’t affect the team standings, each of the four players entered the game with high rankings in the individual player standings. The match kicks off with an explosion of excitement, featuring ATPs and let cord winners. Despite the Breakers’ early advantage, the score evens out at 6-6. Then, at 9-9, Alshon delivers a cross-court Bert winner that unquestionably contends for the shot of the day. Unfortunately, DeHeart misses a straightforward shot at 10-10, leading to a downward spiral for a few points, resulting in a 14-10 deficit. However, a missed third shot drive by Alshon allows the opposing team to gain a few points, narrowing the gap to 14-13. The intensity of the points is palpable. At 16-16, Ackerman makes a crucial out call on a down-the-line Bert by Alshon, prompting a video review that even divides fans in the crowd. Ultimately, the call is overturned, and Alshon secures his second clean winner with a Bert shot. Riding this wave of success, they reach 20-16, but their first game point is foiled. Astonishingly, the Slice team finds themselves at 19-20, with a chance to equalize. Ackerman executes a precise backhand shot, forcing an error from Alshon, and shouts, “All Day!” The game momentum has swung in favor of the Slice, who now have their own game point opportunity at 21-20. However, Emily’s tight third shot drop falls into the net. In a wild rally, Glozman snatches a net cord winner, tying the score at 21-21 and pushing the game into overtime. Bay Area takes a 22-21 lead, but the Slice team responds to even the score at 22-22. Unbelievably, Ackerman makes a strategic leave on Alshon’s speed-up shot, narrowly missing by less than an inch. DeHeart’s first attempt at a Bert shot on game point falls short into the net. Alshon executes an ATP off the net cord to reach 23-23. Every point becomes a showcase of incredible skill. The Breakers eventually seal the victory with a final score of 25-23.

Update 8:46 PM PT. Grandstand Court. Dallas Pickleball Club beats DC Pickleball Club 3-2 in Dreambreaker.

Game 1. DC Pickleball Club beat the Dallas Pickleball Club 21- 18 in game one. Dallas faced early challenges with Querrey’s impressive Ernes and successful poaches off Auvergne’s setups. However, Newell and De La Rosa fought back, showcasing their quick hands and dominating several intense exchanges to keep the match closely contested. With DC leading 13-11, Querrey unleashed a phenomenal forehand winner that painted the line. The highlight of the match came when De La Rosa executed an astonishing inside-out volley, leaving DC bewildered as the ball landed in the back corner, narrowing Dallas’ deficit to two at 17-15. Nevertheless, Querrey and Auvergne proved to be too formidable in the final stretch, securing the men’s doubles point for DC.

Game 2. Dallas Pickleball Club beat the DC Pickleball Club 21- 10 in women’s doubles. Gecheva and Braverman came out with a strong and aggressive start, quickly establishing a commanding 13-0 lead over DC, resulting in a decisive 21-10 victory. Despite Gargallo and Bates’ valiant efforts after a slow beginning, they couldn’t turn the tide in their favor.

Game 3. Dallas Pickleball Club beat DC Pickleball Club 21-10. The game started off closely contested, with both teams tied at 4. However, that would be the last time the score was level as Gecheva and De La Rosa embarked on an impressive run, seizing complete control and propelling Dallas to a one-sided victory. One of the standout moments occurred when Gecheva executed a no-look, inside-out volley to win a rally, extending Dallas’ lead to 15-6.

Game 4. In a fiercely contested match, the DC Pickleball Team emerged triumphant with a narrow victory of 23-21 against the Dallas Pickleball Club. Bates and Auvergne displayed exceptional poise and skill in crucial moments, scoring vital points during the final stretch. Their collective efforts paved the way for D.C. to level the match at 2 games apiece and set the stage for an exhilarating Dreambreaker. One of the standout moments of the game occurred when Bates executed a perfectly timed Erne, leveling the score at 14 and injecting a surge of momentum for D.C. Furthermore, Auvergne showcased tremendous power with a barrage of well-executed overhead shots, contributing significantly to D.C.’s hard-fought victory.

Game 5. In a nail-biting Dreambreaker, the Dallas Pickleball Club emerged triumphant over the DC Pickleball Club with a close score of 22-20. The trio of De La Rosa, Newell, and Braverman played pivotal roles for Dallas, each contributing six points to secure the thrilling victory. Meanwhile, Auvergne led the charge for DC with an impressive tally of seven points. At one point, DC faced a daunting 16-12 deficit, appearing to be in a precarious position. However, the duo of Bates and Auvergne displayed incredible resilience, stringing together a remarkable streak of seven consecutive points to grant DC a 19-16 advantage. Despite this comeback effort, Dallas showcased their poise under pressure, delivering a clutch performance down the stretch. Ultimately, it was De La Rosa who sealed the match with a resounding overhead slam, sealing the fate of the game in Dallas’ favor.

Update 8:04 PM PT. Championship Court. Brooklyn Aces beat Orlando Squeeze 3-2 in Dreambreaker.

Game 1. It was a closely contested match between the Orlando Squeeze and Brooklyn Aces in the women’s game. Orlando managed to minimize their mistakes, allowing them to take a slim 11-9 lead at the changeover. However, Hurricane Black and Martina Frantova of the Brooklyn Aces stepped up their game, displaying more aggression and quicker net movement. This propelled Brooklyn to take the lead in the second half and ultimately secure a hard-fought victory with a score of 21-19.

Game 2. Nunnery and Dow came out with great intensity for the Brooklyn Aces, aiming to secure another point for their team. There was an early dispute over a double hit, but Orlando successfully challenged the initial call. At the changeover, the Brooklyn Aces held a solid 11-7 advantage. Nunnery and Dow continued to capitalize on opportunities, particularly with pop-up balls from the Orlando Squeeze team, ultimately winning the doubles match with a final score of 21-17.

Game 3. In the mixed doubles game between the Brooklyn Aces (Dow/Tyra) and Orlando (Callan/Bobbi), Callan and Bobbi made a strong start by setting each other up for successful shots, allowing them to take an 11-6 lead. Orlando continued to maintain their consistency throughout the game and finished with a strong performance, securing a convincing 21-14 victory.

Game 4. The matchup between the Brooklyn Aces (Nunnery/Frantova) and Orlando (Todd/Rachel) in mixed doubles was off to an impressive start for Nunnery and Frantova of the Brooklyn Aces. They played a clean game, minimizing unforced errors and showcasing strong defensive skills, allowing them to establish a comfortable 11-5 lead before the changeover. The Brooklyn Aces maintained their momentum and continued to dominate, extending their lead to 20-13. However, a remarkable turnaround unfolded as Rachel and Todd from Orlando staged an unbelievable comeback. They fought their way back point by point, defying the odds and eventually emerged victorious with a thrilling score of 22-20. It was a stunning display of resilience and determination from the Orlando duo.

Game 5. In the thrilling Dreambreaker, the Brooklyn Aces boasted a formidable lineup of talented singles players. Despite this advantage, the Orlando team put up a commendable fight. Throughout the game, the Aces maintained a narrow lead, but Orlando constantly challenged them, refusing to back down. However, in the crucial moments, the Brooklyn Aces showcased their resilience and skill, ultimately closing out the game with a hard-earned victory, prevailing with a score of 21-18. It was a testament to their determination and ability to hold their ground against Orlando’s spirited performance.