As we head into our next event, MLP 2022 Newport Beach, our owners have the chance to remix their line-ups by replacing one player on their team with an available player from the draft pool. To raise the stakes even higher, each team has to give up one existing player to the pool to qualify to add a plus one to their roster.

The format of MLPlay and the unique Dual Snake Draft were founded on the principles of new and exciting matchups and balanced teams. In the spirit of those founding principles the details of these mid-season supplemental draft rules are as follows: 

• Team Owners may drop 0 or 1 players back into the MLP Shuffle Draft Pool.

• MLP will reopen applications for new players to apply which started 6/24/22 with a deadline for application on 6/30/22. Note, that anyone who has previously applied does not need to re-apply. MLP will send out separate communications individually to all who applied earlier in 2022, to confirm availability and commitment for MLP 2022 Newport Beach on Aug 5-7th. 

• Note, that the official players on each team consist of the original players who were drafted as revealed during the Live Draft Reveal show.  Any player who was added because of illness or injury is considered to automatically be in the available draft pool.

• By EOD 7/1/22 MLP will send the owners the new available player pool via email, which will not yet include dropped players.

• By EOD 7/2/22 owners must email the Commissioner, Brooks Wiley, at brooks[at] with any players from their current team they want to drop into the available player pool.

• On 7/3/22, MLP will communicate with all owners the final available draft pool.

• On 7/6/22, MLP will hold the supplemental draft. All teams that chose to drop a player will be entered into a lottery to choose from the available player pool. Only teams that chose to drop a player will be entered in the lottery.

Lottery Rules:

Teams who dropped a player will be allotted “balls” in the lottery based on two criteria. Both of these rules are meant to provide a calculated risk/reward strategy by team owners and introduce a little bit of excitement and variance.

1.    Placement in MLP 2022 Austin; the team in 12th place gets 12 balls , 11th place = 11 balls… 1st place = 1 ball.  This rule helps to allow teams with lower placement to have a higher chance of getting a high draft pick in the supplemental draft.

2.    Draft Pick Rank;  if the player dropped was the 15th male/female selected then the team gets 9 balls.(24-15 = 9).  A team who drops the 4th male/female selected would get 20 balls (24-4 = 20).  This gives the team a higher chance of getting a better draft pick in the supplemental draft if they drop a player who was drafted high in the original draft.

• Balls will be randomly selected from the hopper, or similarly random and fair mechanics, to determine the order of picks. 

• Each team who previously dropped a player will subsequently select players from the available draft pool until all 12 teams are complete with 4 players, each.


Trades are encouraged by team owners before the supplemental draft and after the supplemental draft with a deadline of midnight 7/14/22 for the Newport beach event.  All trades must be presented in writing by the team owners to the Commissioner, Brooks Wiley, and MLP has final discretion on all trade approvals. All finalized trades will be communicated to all ownership groups as soon as possible, via email. 


Any player who was added to the supplemental draft pool and not picked up by another team will be given first right of refusal as an alternate during MLP 2022 Newport Beach, which will come with a guaranteed appearance fee, to be determined.

Draft Bonus Payment:

MLP will pay the draft bonus prize money fees to players who participate in the MLP competition on August 5-7th. Players who can’t compete in the competition,  for any reason, will forfeit their draft bonus.  MLP will work with injured players who show up at the event to offer an appearance fee based on the player contribution to being on air broadcast talent, social media and/or PR appearances, and VIP meet and greet appearances.  It’s our goal to include the players, even if injured, as much as possible.

Players selected in the supplemental draft pool will be paid the draft bonus fee based on the draft pick order of the player they are replacing.

Code of Conduct:

MLP will be publishing clear penalties for athletes who choose to not comply with all rules and all player obligations including but not limited to: completion of all matches, wearing live microphones, wearing team uniforms, and performing reasonable media, promotional, and social media services.

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