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July 5, 2022

As of 2pm CT Tuesday, July 5, here is a summary list of draft action so far.

The following players have been placed on waiver and will be available to be drafted by another team on July 6th:

•Austin Gridley(Ranchers)
•Altaf Merchant (ATX Pickleballers)
•Bobbi Oshiro (Lions)
•Eden Lica (The Bus)

Here’s an updated list of players that have been traded:

•Corrine Carr traded to Mad Drops – Olivia McMillan moves to the Lions
•Jackie Kawamoto traded to Ranchers – Maggie Brascia moves to the Jackrabbits
•Michelle Esquivel traded to Florida Smash – Maggie Remynse moves to Team Clean

There have been no changes to the following teams: Chimeras, The 5s, BLQK, Hard Eights

The teams who placed players on waiver will be able to select a new player on Wednesday, July 6, 2022 from the available draft pool.