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May 5, 2023

The full results from our Challenger Level Shuffle Draft are in! The following transactions were completed on Thursday, May 4, 2023. We are excited to welcome 6 new players to our league and welcome back John Cincola. Here are the order of the trades and picks as they were received Thursday:

1. AZ Drive placed Wes Burrows on waivers and selected John Cincola.
2. D.C. Pickleball Team placed Amanda Hendry on waivers and selected Judit Castillo Gargallo.
3. Christine Trifunovic was traded from the Atlanta Bouncers to Columbus P.C. for Milan Rane. 
4. Columbus Pickleball Club placed Christine Trifunovic on waivers and selected Rianna Valdes.
5. The Brooklyn Aces placed Corrine Carr on waivers and selected Martina Frantova.
6. Miami Pickleball Club placed Jeff Warnick on waivers and selected Wesley Burrows.
7. The Texas Ranchers placed Genie Erokhina on waivers and selected Tina Pisnik.
8. The Atlanta Bouncers placed Ben Newell on waivers and selected Phillip Locklear.
9. The Bay Area Breakers dropped Rachel Summers and selected Vivian Glozman.

That concludes the Challenger Level Shuffle Draft. The trade window is open until 14 days before San Clemente.

Additional News – On the Premier side, the trade window is also still open and we shared news about another trade today on Twitter earlier – The Milwaukee Mashers traded DJ Young to Frisco Clean Cause for Matt Wright.