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April 28, 2023

The MLP 2023 San Clemente Challenger Level Shuffle Draft Pool is in! The players below declared their intent to participate in MLP San Clemente 2023 and are eligible to be drafted in the Shuffle Draft.  Doubles and Singles DUPRs are included with half-life. If a player is highlighted in orange, that means their half life is below 10 for DOUBLES DUPR and that generally means there is not enough recent data or data at all to assure that rating is reliable.  Half-life measures how many matches you’ve played and how recent they are.

Recent match data can be found at for any players by searching their profiles. Women are displayed first, then men. The Shuffle Draft is happening on Thursday, May 4, 2023.

Women’s Draft Pool:

Men’s Draft Pool:

The order of picks, based on Season One standings, is listed below. Teams may only drop 0 or 1 players during the Shuffle Draft. Trades can be made, but a maximum of 1 player may be dropped from a team. Injuries are an exception to this rule. Players may be subbed in after the Shuffle Draft if a player can not compete due to injury, per the rules.

1. AZ Drive
2. D.C. Pickleball Team
3. Columbus P.C.
4. Orlando Squeeze
5. Brooklyn Aces
6. Miami Pickleball Club
7. Texas Ranchers
8. Atlanta Bouncers
9. Dallas Pickleball Club
10. Utah Black Diamonds
11. Chicago Slice
12. Bay Area Breakers

All teams, including Premier and Challenger, still have until 14 days prior to San Clemente; June 1 at Midnight CST to make trades. We will be live tweeting picks as they happen on Thursday, May 4. We will publish all the transactions to the public on our website on Friday, May 5. Make sure you’re following us on twitter to get all the pick action live!