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Our Belief

We believe there is no sport more inclusive, equitable, or joyful than pickleball. Expert or beginner, young or old, man or woman, conservative or progressive, blue collar, white collar or even no collar at all, on the pickleball court we are all on equal footing and we are all welcome. The pickleball court is a place where people of different backgrounds, who would not otherwise meet one another, find their common ground in the joy of the game and each other’s company.

our mission

The mission of Major League Pickleball is to Inspire and connect the world through Pickleball by creating the most exciting, entertaining, and inclusive Pro Pickleball play format that elevates every level of the game for players and fans alike.

Player commitment

We exist to create innovative new platforms to showcase professional pickleball players, help them grow their brands, and to attract new talent and fans to the sport we love. ‍

Our commitment to you is to be open, honest, and transparent in everything we do to support and help supercharge the growth of pickleball.

40 by 30 project

The goal of the '40 By 30 Project' is to harness the incredible momentum of pickleball and bring the joy of this sport to as many people as possible. Through our recent expansion, the involvement of some of the most iconic and game-changing owners in any sport, and our continued efforts to democratize the game through the launch of new initiatives, we are just getting started. Our deepening partnership across the DUPR footprint and our commitment to introduce the game to all communities in this country, regardless of economic circumstances, further emphasize our dedication to the sport.
30 By 40