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one league, Two levels of excitement!

For the 2023 season, Major League Pickleball is doubling down on our one-of-a-kind gameplay format by expanding the league to 24 teams and launching MLP Premier Level and MLP Challenger Level. Each level will showcase twelve unique co-ed teams of four made up of two men and two women respectively.

Premier Level is home to the top 48 players drafted while Challenger Level boasts the next crop of 48 draftees looking to make their ascension to the top of the league. The creation of MLP Premier Level and MLP Challenger Level will ensure the highest caliber of competition while providing a pathway and opportunities for the next generation of pro pickleball stars to break through.
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Premier Level

MLP Premier Level is home to the top 48 most in-demand team players in all of pro pickleball. Players with a dizzying track record of bombastic wins on the court and a DUPR Rating to match. These twelve coveted co-ed teams of four represent the gold standard for the sport and the pinnacle of competition. And while for Premier players it’s hard-fought to get here, it’s even harder fought to stay with the next crop of Challenger Level competitors cooking in the kitchen looking to take their place!
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Challenger Level

MLP Challenger Level is home to pro pickleball’s next wave of 48 up-and-coming top talents of tomorrow who get the chance to light up the courts and crush all expectations as they compete within this division of twelve teams. For some, this is their first chance to compete on the big MLP stage while for other seasoned courtside competitors this is their runway to level up to Premier. For the fans, this is an opportunity to thrill in the unpredictable and witness legends in the making!
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