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May 12, 2023

MLPalooza is coming!

Get ready for an exhilarating showdown on Monday, June 19th, just before the Superfinals at MLP San Clemente!

Witness the epic clash of 8 teams comprising a thrilling mix of Major League Pickleball Team Owners, Staff, and Sponsors in the highly anticipated inaugural MLPalooza Tournament! The excitement is palpable as these MLP enthusiasts, who are not just passionate about the sport but also share a deep love for pickleball, finally get the chance to compete against each other in a display of sheer skill and fierce determination.

Following an intense snake draft on Wednesday night, May 10th, eight exceptional MLP Pro Players have assembled their dream teams.

Brace yourself for an electrifying display of talent as they engage in riveting gameplay, following the renowned MLPlay format. Take a peek at the draft order, list of esteemed coaches, team names, and star-studded rosters below, and get ready to witness history in the making!

Ben Johns – Steampunks
Derk Pardoe
Camryn Irwin
Ron Saslow
Brad Schwaeble

Rafa Hewett – Round ‘Em Up
Amer Delic
Jorge Barragan
Ritchie Tuazon
Austin Wood
Zubin Mehta (alt)

Lea Jansen – Easy Eights
David Grossman
Connor Pardoe
Jon Venison
Braxton Pardoe
Steve Alley (alt)

Jessie Irvine – Scorpions
Dom Catalano
Geoffrey Nguyen
Kathleen Louie
Tim Parks

Jorja Johnson – Jorja Peaches
James Blake
Wayley Louie
Stacey Nishi
Joe Saslow
Brynn Medlar (alt)

Vivienne David & Travis Rettenmaier – The Real Dill
Graham D’Amico
Brooks Wiley
Mikey Gendell
Julio De Pietro

Zane Navratil – Grifters
Tim Klitch
Doug Ellin
Steve Kuhn
Jeff Nishi

James Ignatowich – Delaminated Dinkers
Brian Levine
Kaitlyn Kerr
Dan Tang
Mimi Mercado
Leigh Anne Rehkopf (alt)

Here’s a list of the organization each player comes from, listed by highest to lowest DUPR. Thirty-six players are registered to play – 4 players are alternates and may be substituted in and out per the Coach’s discretion at any time.

Will there be surprise guests? Betting? Finger waving and chirping? Tune in to see on June 19th! Follow us on Instagram and Twitter to join the MLPalooza conversation.