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Major League Pickleball Announces Landmark Agreement with the All-New 2023 Toyota Prius to Become First Exclusive and Official Auto Partner of MLP

June 7, 2023

OS1st – Exclusive and Official Sock and Compression Sleeve of MLP – and Sunday Swagger – Official Polo Shirt of MLP – Join as MLP Partners

Imperial Becomes Official Licensed Headwear of MLP

MLP by Margaritaville (MLP) today announced partnership agreements with four national companies as official league sponsors or licensees – Toyota Prius, OS1st, Sunday Swagger, and Imperial – giving the league 16 official brand category partners and quadrupling the number of official sponsors from 2022 to 2023. Each of the new partners will debut at MLP SAN CLEMENTE, June 15-19.

Toyota and the all-new 2023 Toyota Prius have become the first exclusive and official auto partner of MLP. Toyota will be the official sponsor of the Dreambreaker – MLP’s unique and exhilarating tiebreaker format – in addition to having courtside logo branding and on-site activations featuring interactive games and giveaways.

“It is extremely exciting to add Toyota as MLP’s first official auto partner, further enhancing our rapidly growing strategic business relationships,” said Steve Kuhn, MLP Founder. “We are thrilled to work with Toyota, OS1st, Sunday Swagger and Imperial on our mission to grow both MLP and the sport of pickleball.”

OS1st, the exclusive and official sock and compression sleeve of MLP, will create and produce MLP-branded and MLP Team-branded socks and compression sleeves as an MLP sponsor and licensee. Products will be available through both MLP’s retail channels and OS1st’s partner retail channels.

Sunday Swagger is the official polo shirt of MLP. Sunday Swagger will be manufacturing and selling MLP-branded and MLP Team-branded polo shirts as a league licensee.

Imperial is the official licensed headwear of MLP and will be manufacturing and selling MLP-branded and MLP Team-branded caps.

All MLP and MLP Team-branded OS1st, Sunday Swagger, and Imperial products will be available through Fromuth, both at MLP events and the MLP online store.