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MLP 2023 Season Two – Challenger Level Live Draft Updates

July 12, 2023

Welcome to the MLP 2023 Season Two Challenger Level Live Draft Feed – follow along as we share up-to-the-minute live updates on player draft picks and team news!

The Challenger Level Draft will begin promptly at 12:30 PM ET…

Update 12:30 PM EST. Rob Nunnery is the first pick of the Challenger Level draft and will be joining the St. Louis Shocks. (1st round, 1st pick)

Update 12:32 PM EST. The LA Mad Drops have selected Gabe Tardio to be their first addition to their team. (1st round, 2nd pick)

Update 12:34 PM EST. The Milwaukee Mashers welcome DJ Young. (1st round, 3rd pick)

Update 12:36 PM EST. Stefan Auvergne joins the New Jersey 5’s. (1st round, 4th pick)

Update 12:38 PM EST. The fifth pick is Jill Braverman who will be joining the New York Hustlers. (1st round, 5th pick)

Update 12:40 PM EST. The Frisco Pandas have the sixth pick of the draft and have selected Bobbi Oshiro. (1st round, 6th pick)

Update 12:42 PM EST. The Las Vegas Night Owls are excited to welcome Susannah Barr for the seventh pick. (1st round, 7th pick)

Update 12:44 PM EST The ATX Pickleballers selected Daniel De La Rosa for the eighth overall pick of the Challenger Level Draft.(1st round, 8th pick)

Update 12:49 PM EST. Trade update. The Florida Smash traded places with Hard Eights for the first and second round.

Update 12:50 PM EST. Ewa Radzikowska is the 9th pick and will be joining the Hard Eights. (1st round, 9th pick) (1st round, 9th pick)

Update 12:51 PM EST. Florida Smash welcomes Brendon Long to their roster. (1st round, 10th pick)

Update 12:52 PM EST. For the 11th pick, the Seattle Pioneers have selected Lina Padegimaite. (1st round, 11th pick)

Update 12:54 PM EST. The 12th and final first round pick is Tina Pisnik who will be joining the BLQK Bears. (1st round, 12th pick)

Update 12:56 PM EST. The BLQK Bears start off the second round with a selection of Alix Truong. (2nd round, 1st pick, 13th overall)

Update 1:01 PM EST. Megan Fudge is the second pick of the second round and will be joining the Seattle Pioneers.(2nd round, 2nd pick, 14th overall)

Update 1:02 PM EST. Florida Smash welcomes Collin Shick is the 15th overall pick. (2nd round, 3rd pick, 15th overall)

Update 1:04 PM EST. SoCal Hard Eights have selected Yana Newell. (2nd round, 4th pick, 16th overall)

Update 1:06 PM EST. Milan Rane joins ATX Pickleballers. (2nd round, 5th pick, 17th overall)

Update 1:08 PM EST. The Las Vegas Night Owls welcome Emily Ackerman (2nd round, 6th pick, 18th overall)

Update 1:10 PM EST The Frisco Pandas welcome Ryler DeHeart. (2nd round, 7th pick, 19th overall)

Update 1:12 PM EST Kyle Yates joins the New York Hustlers. (2nd round, 8th pick, 20th overall)

Update 1:14 PM EST New Jersey 5’s have drafted Shelby Bates (2nd round, 9th pick, 21st overall) 

Update 1:16 PM EST Milwaukee Mashers drafted Rianna Valdes (2nd round, 10th Pick, 22nd overall)

Update 1:18 PM EST LA Mad Drops have added Brooke Buckner to their roster (2nd round, 11th pick, 23rd overall) 

Update 1:20 PM EST St. Louis Shock have drafted Judit Castillo (2nd round, 12th pick, 24th overall)

Update 1:25 PM EST. St. Louis Shock start off the third round and draft Genie Erokhina. (3rd round, 1st pick, 25th overall)

Update 1:27 PM EST. Olivia McMillan is the third pick for the LA Mad Drops. (3rd round, 2nd pick, 26th overall)

Update 1:29 PM EST. Christa Gecheva is the third pick of the third round and will be joining the Milwaukee Mashers. (3rd round, 3rd pick, 27th overall)

Update 1:32 PM EST. The New Jersey 5’s have selected John Cincola. (3rd round, 4th pick, 28th overall)

Update 1:35 PM EST. The New York Hustlers is joined by Sarah Ansboury. (3rd round, 5th pick, 29th overall)

Update 1:37 PM EST. The Frisco Panda welcomes Martina Frantova to their roster. (3rd round, 6th pick, 30th overall)

Update 1:39 PM EST. Spencer Smith joins the Las Vegas Night Owls. (3rd round, 7th pick, 31st overall)

Update 1:41 PM EST. ATX Pickleballers have selected Tamaryn Emmrich. (3rd round, 8th pick, 32nd overall)

Update 1:43 PM EST Florida Smash select Michelle Esquivel (3rd round, 9th pick, 33rd overall)

Update 1:45 PM EST SoCal Hard Eights select CJ Klinger (3rd round, 10th pick, 34th overall)

Update 1:47 PM EST Seattle Pioneers select Wes Burrows (3rd round, 11th pick, 35th overall) 

Update 1:49 PM EST BLQK Bears select Marshall Brown (3rd round, 12th pick, 36th overall)

Update 1:51 PM EST. BLQK Start off the fourth round by completing their team with Anderson Scarpa. (4th round, 1st pick, 37th overall)

Update 1:53 PM EST. Seattle Pioneers complete their roster with Brandon French. (4th round, 2nd pick, 38th overall)

Update 1:54 PM EST. The 39th overall pick is Todd Fought who will be joining the SoCal Hard Eights. (4th round, 3rd pick, 39th overall)

Update 1:56 PM EST. Dominique Schaefer joins the Florida Smash in her MLP debut. (4th round, 4th pick, 40th overall)

Update 1:57 PM EST. ATX Pickleballers complete their team with Ben Newell as the 41st draft pick for the Challenger Level Draft.(4th round, 5th pick, 41st overall)

Update 1:58 PM EST. The Las Vegas Night Owls complete their roster with Yates Johnson. (4th round, 6th pick, 42nd overall)

Update 2:04 PM EST. The Frisco Pandas complete their team with Andre Mick. (4th round, 7th pick, 43rd overall)

Update 2:10 PM EST New York Hustlers complete their team with Jaume Martinez Vich. (5th round, 8th pick, 44th overall)

Update 2:12 PM ES. New Jersey 5’s complete their team with Alli Phillips. (4th round, 9th pick, 45th overall)

Update 2:13 PM EST. Milwaukee Mashers complete their team with Pesa Teoni. (4th round, 10th pick, 46th overall)

Update 2:15 PM EST. LA Mad Drops have selected Jordan Kinney as their fourth and final pick. (4th round, 11th pick, 47th overall)

Update 2:17 PM EST. The St. Louis Shock select Martin Emmrich for the final pick of the MLP Season 2 2023 draft. (4th round, 12th pick, 48th overall)