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August 27, 2022

Welcome to The MLP Shuffle Draft Update – your one-stop shop and feed of draft updates as they’re happening in real-time. We’ll be sharing all the details on the eligible pool, player pickups, waiver wires, participating teams, and of course the draft picks right here. So bookmark this page and follow us on our social channels for all the alerts and notifications pertaining to the MLP Shuffle Draft!

UPDATE 6:30PM ON 8.29.2022

Our final draft picks are in for MLP Columbus 2022! Here we go!


Florida Smash – Lacy Schneeman
Hard Eights – Cierra Gaytan-Leach
Mad Drops Pickleball Club – Lee Whitwell


Chimeras – Gabriel Tardio
The Bus – Erik Lange
CLEAN Cause – Federico Staksrud
The 5’s – Ben Newell
Jackrabbits – Hunter Johnson

Congrats to our players… see you in Columbus on October 14th!

UPDATE 9:15AM 8.27.2022

Here’s the list of players placed on the waiver wire. These players are now available to be drafted to a new team for Columbus:

Rob Cassidy (Chimeras)
Wes Gabrielsen (Jackrabbits)
Erik Lange (The 5’s)
Lee Whitwell (Florida Smash)
Corrine Car (Mad Drops Pickleball Club)
Joey Farias (CLEAN Cause)
John Cincola (The Bus)
Milan Rane (Hard Eights)

Here is the MLP Columbus Shuffle Draft Pick order for Women:

Pick 1: Florida Smash
Pick 2: Hard Eights
Pick 3: Mad Drops Pickleball Club

Here is the MLP Columbus Shuffle Draft Pick order for Men:

Pick 1: Chimeras
Pick 2: The Bus
Pick 3: CLEAN Cause
Pick 4: The 5’s
Pick 5: Jackrabbits

The draft picks will officially commence on Monday, August 29th at 9am.


Here’s the FULL available player draft pool for MLP 2022 Columbus, ordered by highest DUPR doubles ranking. Ladies first. Athletes already on a team are not included here. The DUPR minimum to qualify for Columbus is 5.20. This list now does include players placed on the waiver wire.


Corrine Carr
Emily Ackerman
Lee Whitwell
Cierra Gaytan-Leach
Bobbi Oshiro
Elizabeth Bellamy
Martina Kochli
Monica Paolicelli
Milan Rane
Gee Gee Garvin
Joy Leising
Annica Cooper
Alexandra Truong
Tracie DeJager
Suzee Anderson
Evgenia Erokhina
Lacy Schneemann
Arielle Butler
Megan Charity
Alexandra Khadzhyan


Eden Lica
Altaf Merchant
Robert Cassidy
Hayden Patriquin
Erik Bjorn Lange
Mario Barrientos
John Cincola
Joey (Jose) Farias
Gabriel Tardio
Austin Gridley
Brendon Long
Stefan Auvergne
Shellton Jean Baptiste
Federico Staksrud
Ryler DeHeart
Carson Klinger
Johnny Goldberg
Ben Newell
Tim Mullane
Edward Scarpa
Brandon Nsekpong
Hunter Johnson
Yates Johnson
Alvaro Terron
Greg Dow
Brandon French
Alex Neumann
Joshua Elliott
Grant Bond
Shiv Krishnaswamy
Pesa Teoni
Wyatt Stone
Ryan Sherry
Todd Fought
Jake Kusmider
David Seckel
Neil Mediratta
Wesley Gabrielsen

UPDATE 6:30PM 8.24.2022
MULTI-PLAYER TRADE ALERT! The Bus traded Milan Rane and Kyle Yates to the Hard Eights in exchange for Susannah Barr and John Cincola.

The Bus’ ownership group said, “We want to thank Kyle and Milan for their efforts this year and we are excited to welcome our two new players John Cincola and Susannah Barr to The Bus. Our team has been very competitive this season, only missing the playoffs by the smallest of margins at the first two events. We feel like this trade gives us great chance to compete for the title in Columbus!”

The Hard Eights ownership team chimed in and said, “It was a privilege watching John and Susannah compete for the Hard Eights. We appreciate the spirit they brought to every match and success they brought to the team. The Hard Eights will always be willing to take a calculated gamble and with only one tournament to go this season, we felt the time was right to make a move in order to give ourselves the best chance of winning it all in Columbus.”

UPDATE 7:00PM 8.20.2022
The first two teams making a move as we head toward Columbus are Mad Drops Pickleball Club – sending Adam Stone and Vivienne David to the Jackrabbits in exchange for Mary Brascia and AJ Koller.

Team Owner David Mercado of the Jackrabbits said “Mary and AJ were such great teammates and we wish them the best. With Vivienne, we think we’ll have one of the best women’s teams in the league, and we’re excited about Adam’s leadership which we think can help us contend for a championship.”

Mad Drops Pickleball Ownership chimed in on their trade decision as well – “Vivienne David and Adam Stone are consummate professionals, all-time team players and among the most joyful, enthusiastic and talented players in pickleball. While we are sad to lose them, we know that they will continue to make big things happen for the Jackrabbits in MLP.”

“We are thrilled to welcome AJ and Mary to the MDPC Squad for MLP Columbus. AJ is one of the most talented male players in pickleball and Mary is an incredible defensive player and up-and-comer in the women’s game, and we’re excited to have both of them on the team.”