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June 16, 2023

Welcome to the MLP San Clemente “Friday Feed” – your go-to destination for the most current info on matches and gameplay happening at MLP San Clemente all day Friday. Be sure to bookmark this page and come back for the latest updates all day!

The second day of action at Major League Pickleball San Clemente is currently in full swing.


Game 1. Men’s Doubles – New Jersey beats BLQK 21-19

Patriquin and Ignatowich from New Jersey came out strong, applying pressure from the start. Patriquin, also known as “Big H,” proved his worth in the big leagues with a remarkable solo point after Ignatowich got his shoe caught in the fence. New Jersey switched sides with an 11-6 lead. However, BLQK began mounting a comeback, fueled by a Staksrud ATP. With New Jersey up 13-10, they called a timeout to slow down BLQK’s momentum. Patriquin unleashed two well-executed speed-ups in the middle, propelling New Jersey to an 18-16 lead. And a third speed-up by Patriquin pushed them further ahead at 19-16, forcing BLQK to take a timeout. In a thrilling finish, New Jersey clinched the game 21-19, leaving Frazier and Staksrud defeated.

Game 2. Women’s Doubles – New Jersey beats BLQK 21-10

Waters and Jansen got off to a blazing start, quickly taking a 4-0 lead. Waters showcased her exceptional backhand skills, hitting every corner of the court. With New Jersey up 11-6 at the switch, BLQK had no choice but to call a timeout in an attempt to regroup after falling behind 15-8. However, BLQK struggled with numerous errors, allowing New Jersey to run away with the game and secure a commanding 21-10 victory.

Game 3. MX1 – New Jersey beats BLQK  21-11

Ignatowich and Jansen from New Jersey set the tone early with their fast and aggressive play. They stormed to an impressive 11-4 lead at the switch. Ignatowich dictated the tempo of the game, applying relentless pressure. Jansen surprised everyone with an incredible erne shot, extending New Jersey’s lead to 15-9. On game point, James sealed the victory for New Jersey by executing a superb body bag shot on Staksrud, resulting in a convincing 21-11 win.

Game 4. MX2 – New Jersey emerges victorious with a 21-18 win

Frazier and Brascia from BLQK got off to a blazing start, finding their rhythm early on. However, a foot fault called on Patriquin during an erne disrupted New Jersey’s momentum. NJ made a few more errors, prompting them to call a timeout while trailing 4-9. BLQK switched sides with an 11-6 advantage. Nevertheless, New Jersey mounted a fierce comeback, ultimately taking the lead at 16-15. In an intense battle, NJ held on to secure the final game of the match with a hard-fought 21-18 victory.

UPDATE 11:25 AM PST. Championship Court. Hard Eights beat NY Hustlers (3-1)
Game 1: Women’s Doubles – NY Hustlers win 21-17

The first game of the day features two teams with enthusiastic fan bases, with one side sporting pink shirts and hats, while the other brings cowbells and posters. Lindsey Newman and Lauren Stratman from Hard Eights started strong, but the Hustlers found their rhythm and brought the score to 10-10 before Hard Eights secured the deciding point before the side out. Following a timeout, an intense hands battle resulted in Lacy Schneemann  (NY) emerging victorious against both Newman and Stratman  maintaining the momentum. Anna Bright and Lacy Schneemann stayed solid throughout the rest of the game, ultimately sealing a 21-17 victory in Game 1. 

Game 2: Men’s Doubles – Hard Eights win 21-14

Riley Newman and AJ Koller from Hard Eights dominated the early stages, unleashing a series of aggressive shots through the middle, highlighted by Newman’s bodybag poach on McGuffin. Hard Eights established a comfortable 11-3 lead. The Hustlers struggled to find their footing, attempting to slow down the pace and grind, but Newman and Koller were equally comfortable with that style of play. Rafa and Tyson of the Hustlers decided to shift gears and play more aggressively, narrowing the score to 10-14 and then 14-17. At 18-14, Koller’s ATP on the right side forced a timeout by the Hustlers, who aimed to prevent the game from slipping away. Hard Eights secured a touchdown-like victory, winning 21-14 and leveling the match at one game apiece.

Game 3: Hard Eights (Stratman/Koller) defeat NY Hustlers (Bright/Hewett) 21-15

In a surprising lineup change for the NY Hustlers, Anna Bright and Rafa Hewett teamed up to take on the Hard Eights’ duo of Stratman and Koller. With their combined firepower, the Hustlers seized an early 11-7 lead, relying on their potent offense. However, AJ Koller from the Hard Eights unleashed a burst of aggressive play that turned the tide of the game. His efforts resulted in a tie at 12-12, followed by a lead change at 14-13 in favor of the Hard Eights. The momentum continued to swing in their favor as they pushed the score to 16-14, prompting Anna Bright to call for a timeout in an attempt to halt their opponent’s growing confidence. The match reached an intense moment at 17-14, featuring the longest rally thus far. It was during this exchange that Anna Bright’s shot grazed the net cord, eluding Rafa’s reach and favoring the Hard Eights. From that point on, AJ Koller maintained relentless pressure, ultimately leading the Hard Eights to a decisive 21-15 victory, securing the win for their team.

Game 4. MX2: Schneemann/McGuffin vs Newman/Newman (Hard Eights dominate with a 21-9 victory)

The Hustlers struggled to find their rhythm from the beginning, as the Newman siblings showcased their signature style and quickly established a comfortable 11-4 lead at the changeover. Despite the Hustlers’ occasional successes, the Hard Eights consistently responded with strong performances, gradually wearing down their opponents mentally. Taking advantage of the Hustlers’ dwindling energy, the Hard Eights maintained their dominance and effortlessly closed out the game with a resounding 21-9 victory.

UPDATE 11:51 AM PST. ATX Beats STL 3-2 in Game 5 Dreambreaker.

Game 1. Women’s Doubles  – STL secures a 21-18 victory

During the first half, ATX had a firm grip on the game, leading 11-8 at the break. The Kawamoto duo showcased exceptional precision and control, seemingly in complete command. However, the tides turned when Simone Jardim from STL took charge in the second half. With a series of expertly executed lobs and powerful two-handed backhand attacks, Simone led her team to triumph alongside defensive specialist Allyce Jones, clinching a hard-fought 21-18 win.

Game 2. Men’s Doubles- STL dominates with a 21-15 win

Jay Develliers of the St. Louis Shock showcased exceptional skills as a right-side, right-handed player, completely controlling the court throughout the game. Jay’s dominance was evident from start to finish, as he guided STL to a significant lead of 11-5 at the break, never easing off the gas pedal. STL’s apparent strategy revolved around isolating ATX’s JW Johnson on the left side, resulting in limited opportunities for Johnson to touch the ball. Moreover, opponents quickly realized that lobbing Erik Lange of STL proved ineffective due to his towering height.

Game 3. MX1 – ATX triumphs with a 21-13 victory

In the mixed doubles matchup, ATX’s JW Johnson showed his readiness to play a more involved role after his performance in the men’s game. Excelling on the left side, Johnson orchestrated the entire game, consistently winning firefights and hand battles. Additionally, ATX’s Jackie Kawamoto remained steadfast throughout the game, making minimal unforced errors. The match reached its climax as Jackie persistently executed drop shots at the net, allowing Johnson to poach the final shot and secure the game-winning point, ultimately leading to ATX’s 21-13 triumph.

Game 4. MX2 – ATX dominates with a 21-10 win

ATX’s Gabriel Tardio left a lasting impression in this mixed doubles encounter, aiming to earn the moniker “STARdio.” With impressive erne shots, an incredible tweener, a world-class two-handed backhand, and a decisive backhander down the line to seal the victory, Tardio showcased his remarkable skills. ATX led 11-8 at the break and continued to dominate the game thereafter. While STL’s Erik Lange and Allyce Jones displayed admirable performances, they found themselves predominantly on the defensive, and overcoming ATX’s dominance proved challenging, resulting in a 21-10 win for ATX.

Game 5. Dreambreaker  ATX’s wins 21-15

The dreambreaker encounter between ATX and STL was filled with intense matchups, but the standout performance came from ATX’s JW Johnson. Going head-to-head against STL’s Jay Develliers, two of the finest men’s singles players in the world, JW showcased his skills and emerged victorious with an impressive 9-3 score. It was a pivotal factor in ATX’s triumph.

Interestingly, the other three individual matchups in this dreambreaker were incredibly close, with each one being decided by just a single point. The level of competition was incredibly high, and the outcome could have easily swayed in either direction. However, it was JW’s stellar performance that ultimately made the difference for ATX, securing their well-deserved victory.

UPDATE 11:57 AM PST. Grandstand Court. Milwaukee Mashers beat Florida Smash 3-1.

Game 1: Men’s Doubles – Milwaukee Mashers 21, Florida Smash 18

In an intense battle, Daescu and Wright of the Milwaukee Mashers emerged victorious in the men’s doubles game against the Florida Smash. Daescu, despite facing an apparent illness, showcased incredible resilience alongside Wright to secure the win. During the match, there was a significant pause as medical staff attended to Daescu when Milwaukee held a 12-9 advantage. The break lasted for over twenty minutes as Daescu received treatment. After the match resumed, Daescu and Wright regained their momentum, extending their lead to 20-15. However, Yates and Rettenmaier from the Florida Smash fought back, winning multiple rallies to bring the score to a nail-biting 20-18. In the final rally, Wright unleashed a powerful overhead slam, sealing the victory for the Milwaukee Mashers. Despite his illness, Daescu displayed impressive hand speed and proved to be a formidable force during several intense exchanges throughout the match.

Game 2. Women’s Doubles: Milwaukee Mashers win 21-15

Kovalova and Smith of the Milwaukee Mashers started off in dominant fashion, establishing a commanding 11-3 lead before the court changeover. The momentum continued to favor the Mashers’ duo even after the change, as they extended their advantage to 16-7, prompting Florida to call a timeout. The timeout proved to be a turning point for David and Johnson from the Florida Smash, who ignited a spirited comeback. They embarked on an impressive 8-3 run, narrowing the deficit to just four points at 19-15. However, the Mashers stayed composed and managed to claim victory in the final two rallies. The match concluded in thrilling fashion, with Smith delivering a backhand body bag to secure the win for the Milwaukee Mashers.

Game 3. MX1. Florida Smash wins 21-17

The match kicked off with a tight contest, with both teams deadlocked at 8 points. Kovalova’s impressive ATP shot broke the tie, giving the Mashers a slim 9-8 lead. Johnson, from the Florida Smash, then showcased her skills with a remarkable over-the-shoulder backhand overhead, swinging the momentum in Florida’s favor with a 10-9 lead. At the end-change, the Smash held a narrow 11-10 advantage. Following the end-change, Jorja of the Florida Smash continued to shine. She unleashed a powerful third-shot drive, securing a winner that extended the Smash’s lead to 14-11. In the next rally, she engaged in a thrilling firefight, emerging victorious and pushing the Florida advantage to 15-11, prompting the Milwaukee Mashers to call a timeout.

Undoubtedly, the highlight of the game was an exhilarating rally when Florida was leading 20-17. After Milwaukee served, an extraordinary rally lasting over 40 shots unfolded, culminating in Johnson’s explosive ATP winner, resulting in a side out. The game reached its conclusion with a perfectly executed Erne by Rettenmaier, sealing the victory for the Florida Smash.

Game 4. MX2. Milwaukee wins 21-10.

In a commanding display of skill and teamwork, Daescu and Smith of the Milwaukee Mashers secured a resounding victory in the second mixed doubles game, ultimately leading their team to a 3-1 win in the match. Although the Florida Smash showed moments of promise, particularly when David executed a spectacular Erne shot to narrow the deficit to four, the Mashers remained unfazed. Daescu and Smith responded with remarkable resilience, embarking on a blistering 8-1 run to seal the game in their favor. The closing rally left the spectators in awe as both teams engaged in a captivating dink exchange, with Smith showcasing exceptional defensive prowess by thwarting Yates’ Erne attempt. The rally culminated in a thunderous applause when Daescu delivered a powerful forehand put away, splitting the middle and securing the victory for the Mashers.

UPDATE 1:46 PM PST. Court 4. LA Mad Drops Beat Frisco Pandas 3-1.

Game 1. Men’s Doubles. LA Mad Drops win 22-20.

In the men’s doubles game, LA secured a hard-fought victory with a score of 22-20. It was a neck-and-neck battle from the start, with constant lead changes and a margin of only one or two points throughout. Frisco took an early 11-10 lead heading into the break, with Zane Navaratil and DJ Young of Fisco displaying aggressive play. However, LA’s Thomas Wilson took charge during the end change, unleashing his own aggression. LA’s strategy revolved around dinking with Frisco’s Zane Navratil, waiting for an opportunity to force a pop-up. In a thrilling conclusion, Wilson set up Julian Arnold for a crucial poach and game-winning shot.

Game 2. Women’s Doubles. LA Mad Drops Win  21-18. 

The women’s doubles game  showcased LA’s defensive skills, led by Parenteau and Tereschenko. Their exceptional consistency and lack of mistakes made it a formidable challenge for Frisco. LA maintained a steady lead throughout the game, reaching an 11-8 advantage at the break and eventually extending it to 20-15. Despite Frisco’s valiant efforts and a slight comeback to 20-18, the victory remained just out of their reach.

Game 3. MX1. LA Mad Drops Win 21-8. 

LA’s dominance continued in the first mixed doubles encounter, as Julian Arnold and Catherine Parenteau displayed their exceptional skills. LA’s team was a force to be reckoned with, demonstrating the qualities of a championship-caliber pair. Frisco struggled to counter LA’s relentless attack and defense, resulting in a commanding 21-8 victory for LA.

Game 4. MX2. Frisco Pandas win 21-19.

Frisco managed to secure a win in the second mixed doubles match. Initially, Frisco took an early 6-2 lead, fueled by Zane Navratil’s exceptional performance. Yet, LA’s Thomas Wilson quickly shifted the momentum in their favor, propelling them to an 11-10 lead at the break. In the second half of the game, Frisco’s Lina Padegimaite emerged as a standout player, contributing significantly to their comeback. Both teams battled fiercely until the end, but Frisco’s power and Zane’s finishing touches allowed them to edge out LA with a narrow 21-19 victory.

UPDATE 1:46 PM PST. Championship Court. DC Pickleball Team beat AZ Drives 3-1.

Game 1. Women’s Doubles. AZ Wins 22-20

The Women’s Doubles match kicked off with both teams engaging in thrilling hand battles. Genie of AZ Drive and Shelby of D.C. showcased their skills, seeking opportunities to attack the middle and their opponents’ feet. As the match progressed, AZ Drive held a narrow lead of 11-10 at the changeover. D.C. displayed impressive defense, converting it into an offensive play with Shelby’s electrifying energy as she reached high into the air after the changeover. However, AZ Drive managed to regain momentum and turned the tide in their favor. Sarah’s exceptional hands at 20-20 helped AZ Drive secure a hard-fought victory with a score of 22-20, claiming their first win in the match.

Game 2. Men’s Doubles. D.C. Wins 21-16

Moving on to the Men’s Doubles event, Stefan and Sam from D.C. came out firing at the net, propelling their team to take a commanding lead of 11-7. D.C. maintained their aggressive play after the changeover, and Anderson Scarpa of AZ Drive struggled to find a good angle for the ATP shots, resulting in D.C. clinching the game with a score of 21-16.

Game 3. MX1. D.C. Wins 22-20

In the first Mixed Doubles match, Stefan and Shelby represented the D.C. team and showcased their fierce determination from the very beginning. Both players exhibited aggression and skillfully executed drives from both sides of the court, with Stefan utilizing his left-handed advantage by staying on the right side. A pivotal moment occurred when AZ Drive’s call was overturned, giving D.C. a more substantial lead at 8-5. However, John and Genie from AZ Drive displayed patience and strong defensive play. Despite their efforts, D.C. secured the first Mixed Doubles victory with a score of 22-20, putting them ahead in the match.

Game 4. MX2. D.C. Wins 21-16.

In the second mixed doubles game, Ansboury and Scarpa from AZ Drive were determined to keep their team in the match, as they trailed 1-2 in the overall score. Both teams were actively seeking opportunities to gain an advantage. A remarkable erne by Sam Querrey from the D.C. team at 10-7 injected them with momentum and allowed them to maintain the lead. As the game progressed, D.C. continued to hold the advantage, with Sam Querrey showcasing his impressive reach as he confidently executed poaches and soared across the net. D.C. ultimately secured the victory in this thrilling mix, solidifying their overall win and advancing to the semifinals with a final score of 21-16.

In a thrilling display of skill and determination, the Seattle team emerged victorious in all three categories of the match: women’s doubles, men’s doubles, and mixed doubles. The intense battles on the court showcased the players’ exceptional abilities and kept the spectators on the edge of their seats.

UPDATE 2:03 PM PST. Court 3. Seattle Pioneers beat Las Vegas Night Owls 3-1.

Game 1. Women’s Doubles. Seattle wins 21-19. 

In the women’s doubles game, Seattle’s Wright and Dizon demonstrated their prowess, taking an early lead of 11-7 at the switch. Mary and Jessie from Las Vegas (LV) put up a strong fight, with Mary Brascia resetting effectively and keeping LV in the game. However, relentless attacks from Dizon and Wright proved challenging for their opponents, extending Seattle’s lead to 17-14. LV called a timeout when trailing 16-18, regrouping for a comeback. They saved one game point and closed the gap to 19-20 after an intense rally. Nevertheless, Wright sealed the game for Seattle with a decisive play, securing a narrow 21-19 victory.

Game 2. Men’s Doubles 21-19

The men’s doubles game was equally gripping, with Loong from Seattle making an early impact with an erne to give his team a 2-0 advantage. Ben Johns displayed astute reading of Collins’ speed-ups in the middle, while Collin countered with perfectly timed shots, making it 4-7. Collin’s strategic play earned LV the lead of 11-10 at the end change. The match continued to see-saw as both teams fought for dominance. Loong’s skillful shots reduced the deficit to 15-16, and Seattle regained the lead at 17-16. A tense moment ensued when Dekel Bar’s speed-up tied the game at 19-19. Seattle took the lead at 20-19 after a foot fault call on an attack, which LV unsuccessfully challenged. Collin’s incredible erne saved a game point, setting the stage for an electrifying finish. Seattle won a captivating rally, and Ben’s shot, aided by a net clip, bounced off Dekel Bar, sealing the victory for Seattle with a hard-fought 21-19 scoreline.

Game 3. Seattle wins 21-10

The mixed doubles match saw an exciting clash between the Johns brothers. Ben Johns and Etta Wright of Seattle and Jessie Irvine and Collin Johns of the Las Vegas Night Owls. Jessie’s remarkable ATP shot gave LV an early lead of 3-2, while Collin’s impressive defense closed the gap to 6-7. Seattle dominated the first half, leading 11-6 at the end-change. Ben’s aggressive play paid off, with an overhead winner giving Seattle a comfortable 13-7 advantage. LV called a timeout at 8-15, aiming to regain their footing. Collin switched to the left side after the timeout. Seattle continued to exert pressure, extending their lead to 19-9. Despite a momentary lapse from Ben, who missed a tweener, Seattle quickly regrouped and closed out the game with a score of 21-10, clinching a comprehensive victory.

Game 4. MX2. Las Vegas wins 22-20.

In the second mixed doubles match, Las Vegas (LV) emerged victorious with a hard-fought win of 22-20. Dizon of Seattle made an impressive erne shot, granting them an early 2-0 lead. Loong from Seattle displayed a highly aggressive style of play. Dizon continued to ramp up the intensity, extending Seattle’s lead to 5-1. However, Dekel of LV showcased extraordinary skill, narrowing the deficit to 7-10. As the teams switched sides, Seattle maintained an 11-8 advantage. Dekel began to dominate the game, bringing the score to a close 10-12. With Seattle calling a timeout at 17-16, an intense firefight ensued, resulting in LV taking a slim 18-17 lead. After a thrilling back-and-forth exchange, Dekel sealed the victory for LV on their fourth game point, securing a 22-20 triumph. Mary and Dekel demonstrated tremendous determination and resilience throughout the game, showcasing their unwavering spirit.

UPDATE 2:12 PM PST. Grandstand Court. Chicago Slice beat Miami Pickleball Club 3-0.

Game 1. Women’s Doubles. Chicago Slice win 21-16

The women’s doubles encounter showcased the skill and consistency of Emily Ackerman and Susannah Barr from the Chicago Slice. They set the tone for their team with solid play, earning crucial points. Alix Truong of Miami PC displayed a moment of brilliance with a slick backhand winner down the line, drawing applause from the crowd and narrowing the gap to a single point at 8-7. However, Ackerman and Barr regained their composure, building a commanding 15-8 lead that prompted a Miami timeout. A thrilling rally concluded with Ackerman delivering a powerful backhand speed-up, extending Chicago’s advantage to 18-10. The match reached its climax as Ackerman struck a clean backhand winner, securing a 21-16 victory for the Chicago Slice.

Game 2. Men’s Doubles. Chicago Slice win 21-19.

In the men’s doubles game, Miami PC’s Wes Burrows showcased his skillset with a remarkable backhand counter, propelling his team to an 11-6 advantage at the end-change. However, Ryler DeHeart and Connor Garnett of the Chicago Slice mounted an impressive comeback, embarking on a remarkable 9-0 run and seizing a 15-11 lead. Garnett showcased his skills once again, culminating the match with an incredible ATP shot that left spectators in awe and drew them to their feet in admiration. With a hard-fought 21-19 victory, the Chicago Slice solidified their dominance in the men’s doubles category.

Game 3. Chicago Slice win 21-17.

In a commanding performance, the Chicago Slice duo of Garnett and Barr left no room for doubt as they secured the final point in the mixed doubles event, completing a resounding 3-0 sweep for their team against Miami PC. Burrows and Truong of Miami put up a valiant fight, showcasing their skills and determination on the court. Burrows’ quick hands won a crucial rally, leveling the score at 8, while Truong displayed remarkable agility and won an exhilarating firefight, bringing the game to a tie at 10. However, the relentless efforts of Barr and Garnett proved too much for their opponents, as they demonstrated exceptional strength and consistency in the closing stages. Barr’s remarkable overhead slam in an exciting rally gave the Chicago Slice a commanding 17-13 advantage, showcasing their dominance. Later, Barr countered Burrows’ speed-up with a backhand winner, extending Chicago’s lead to 19-16. Garnett sealed the deal on match point, displaying finesse and precision to close out the game in style.

UPDATE 3:28 PM PST. Championship Court. New Jersey 5’s beat the St. Louis Shocks 4-0.

Game 1. Men’s Doubles. New Jersey 5’s win 21-13

In the first game of Men’s Doubles, Hayden and James from the 5s showcased exceptional agility as they flew across the court, setting each other up at the net to secure points. There were many captivating handles battles at the net between Jay of the STL Shock and James Ignatowich of the 5s. James proved to be slightly quicker, winning those fiery exchanges and helping the 5s secure the first point in the match. They won the Men’s Doubles with a score of 21-13.

Game 2. Women’s Doubles. New Jersey 5’s win 21-10.

In the second game, Women’s Doubles, the STL Shock displayed a beautiful lob on a score of 2-1. The game remained closely contested from the beginning, with Lea and Anna Leigh of the 5s firing on all cylinders and preventing the STL Shock from gaining control, forcing them to play defensively. Lea and Anna Leigh took a commanding lead of 9-2. The STL Shock called a timeout in an attempt to shift the momentum. Despite Jardim and Jones’ efforts to mount a comeback for the Shock, Lea and Anna Leigh of the 5s maintained their composure and focus, resulting in a victory of 21-10 in the Women’s Doubles.

Game 3. MX1. New Jersey 5’s win 22-20.

In the first mixed doubles game, James and Lea from the 5s faced off against Allyce Jones and Jay DeVilliers from the STL Shock. The STL Shock desperately needed to win this game to stay in the match. DeVilliers and Jones began the game firing on all cylinders, keeping Lea and James from the 5s on the defensive baseline. The STL Shock had a lead of 11-7 at the changeover. However, the 5s made an impressive comeback from being down 16-20 against the STL Shock, ultimately winning with a score of 22-20. This victory secured the overall win for the 5s.

Game 4. MX2. New Jersey 5’s win 21-17.

In the final game, Anna Leigh Waters and Hayden Patriquin from the 5s faced Simone Jardim and Eric Lange from the STL Shock. With the match already secured, the 5s had nothing to lose but continued to fight for every point in this mixed doubles game. Anna Leigh and Hayden remained focused throughout the game and held a comfortable lead of 11-6 at the end change. Keeping the intensity high, the 5s emerged victorious with a score of 21-17 against the STL Shock, resulting in a final overall match score of 4-0 in favor of the 5s.

UPDATE 3:43 PM PST. Grandstand Court. ATX Pickleballers beat California BLQK Bears 3-1.

Game 1. Women’s Doubles.  ATX Pickleballers win 21-17.

In the first game of Women’s Doubles, the ATX Pickleballers emerged victorious with a score of 21-17. The Kawamoto twins showcased their exceptional skills, contributing significantly to ATX’s win. Jackie displayed her soft hands with an impressive volley drop, sealing a remarkable rally. ATX maintained control throughout the game, but the Bears Andrea’ Koop narrowed the deficit to only three points at 19-16 with a precise third-shot drop. However, the dynamic twin duo closed out the game in style, with Jade executing an ATP defense followed by a backhand winner to secure the win.

Game 2.  ATX Pickleballers win 21-18

In the second game, the ATX Pickleballers continued their success, winning 21-18 in a closely contested match. Tardio and Johnson faced tough competition from Frazier and Staksrud but managed to secure the men’s doubles point for ATX. The game remained even, with the score tied at 9. JW made a remarkable Erne play, giving the Pickleballers a 10-9 advantage. The match was later leveled at 14 when Johnson executed a stunning shot to finish off an impressive rally. In the final rally, Tardio defended against a Staksrud Erne attempt, allowing ATX to clinch the game and the point.

Game 3. Mixed doubles. California BLQK Bears win 21-18

In the third game, the California BLQK Bears staged a thrilling comeback to win the mixed doubles match against Jade Kawamoto and Tardio, with a score of 21-18. Maggie Brascia and Frazier displayed impressive resilience, with several entertaining rallies captivating the audience. Trailing 17-14, Frazier’s exceptional effort in chasing down a lob energized the Bears and won them a pivotal rally. Maggie Brascia later executed a remarkable no-look volley down the line, narrowing the gap to one point at 17-16. The match’s highlight rally occurred with BLQK leading 19-18, as both teams showcased incredible defensive skills before the Bears ultimately emerged victorious.

Game 4.  ATX Pickleballers 21, California BLQK Bears 12

In the fourth game, the ATX Pickleballers dominated with a score of 21-12 against the California BLQK Bears. Jackie Kawamoto and JW Johnson displayed exceptional form right from the start, forcing BLQK to take a timeout when ATX led 8-2. Johnson’s impressive backhand flick extended the lead to 10-2 before BLQK managed to end the Pickleballers’ run in the following rally. Later in the match, Johnson’s backhand volley body bag increased ATX’s advantage to a commanding 17-7, and from there, ATX maintained control until the end.

UPDATE 3:52 PM PST. Court 3. Milwaukee Mashers beat SoCal Hard 8’s 3-1.

Game 1. Women’s Doubles. Mashers win 21-18

In the Women’s Doubles match, the Mashers started strong, overpowering Stratman and Lindsey from SoCal. Lucy and Callie from the Mashers dominated the court, with Callie executing a beautiful ATP shot to take a commanding 5-0 lead. The Mashers continued their relentless pursuit, racing to a 7-0 advantage. SoCal had no choice but to call a timeout. Despite Lauren and Lindsey from SoCal displaying more aggressive play, Lucy and Callie proved to be too much, sealing the victory for the Mashers with a score of 21-18.

Game 2. Men’s Doubles. Mashers win 23-21.

Moving on to the Men’s Doubles, the match was a back-and-forth affair with minimal separation between the teams. Koller’s swift shots to the middle helped SoCal secure consecutive points. The Mashers held a narrow 11-9 lead at the switch. Riley Newman of the Mashers delivered a sneaky backhand shot down the line, equalizing the score at 14-14. Koller’s deceptive attacks kept SoCal in the game, tying it up at 16-16. The Mashers were forced to call a timeout when SoCal gained an 18-16 advantage. Koller continued to excel, extending SoCal’s lead to 20-17. However, Matt Wright of the Mashers showcased incredible skill, including an astonishing reset shot, leveling the score at 20-20. With the momentum in their favor, the Mashers surged ahead 21-20. Koller fought back, equalizing once again at 21-21. In the end, Daescu’s decisive play secured a tight 23-21 victory for the Mashers.

Game 3. MX1. SoCal Hard 8’s win 21-19.

In the Mixed Doubles match, both teams engaged in a seesaw battle. The Mashers held a slim 11-10 lead at the switch. Koller’s aggressive style of play kept SoCal in the game. A net cord shot from AJ tied the score at 13-13, followed by another fortuitous net cord for AJ. At 16-17, Daescu’s challenged call was overturned, giving SoCal an 18-16 advantage. The Mashers initiated a comeback and closed the gap to 19-20. However, SoCal sealed the victory with a shot from Lauren, ultimately winning the game 21-19.

Game 4. MX2. Mashers win 21-16

In the second Mixed Doubles match, the Mashers came out on top with a score of 21-16. Matt Wright took control of the game, displaying remarkable skills. A captivating rally at 2-4 ended with Matt Wright executing a challenging ATP shot, which Riley skillfully defended. Challenging wind conditions made drop shots difficult for both teams. Riley and Lindsey found their rhythm, leveling the game at 9-9. The Mashers gained a slight edge, leading 11-10 at the end change. Lucy’s impressive lob, sending Lindsey Newman into the wall, tied the score at 12-12. The Mashers created separation after Wright executed a poach, resulting in an 18-13 lead. SoCal called a timeout in an attempt to regroup. An incredible rally by the Mashers extended their lead to 19-13. The Newmans fought valiantly, winning a wild point at 19-15. In the end, the Mashers emerged victorious with a score of 21-16, propelled by inspired play from Wright and Lucy.

UPDATE 4:09 PM PST. Court 4. NY Hustler’s beat Florida Smash 3-2 in Game 5 Dreambreaker.

Game 1. NY Hustlers Win 21-16.

The matchup between the Florida Smash and the NY Hustlers brought intense competition and thrilling moments. In the Women’s Doubles, the NY Hustlers emerged victorious with a score of 21-16. Both teams fought back and forth, with neither team able to establish more than a 3-point lead. However, the NY Hustlers made a push and reached 11-9, thanks to a clutch reset by Lacy followed by a wide forehand dink by Vivienne David from Florida. The NY Hustlers’ fan base made their presence felt, urging their team to maintain the pressure. A significant battle of hands between Anna Bright widened the gap to 15-13. The offensive onslaught from the NY Hustlers set the pace for the rest of the match, ultimately resulting in a 21-16 victory.

Game 2. Men’s Doubles. Florida Smash Win 22-20,

The Florida Smash secured a nail-biting win with a score of 22-20. Rafa and Tyson from the NY Hustlers started strong, forcing a timeout at 8-2 and delighting their fans who cheered, “Feed the Dogs, Feed the dogs!” Rettenmaier and Yates from the Florida Smash struggled to find their rhythm, dropping the first half 11-3. Rafa continued the momentum with powerful two-handed backhand drives against Yates. Despite the Hustlers’ initial lead of 20-14 slipping away to 20-19 due to gutsy defense from Yates and Rettenmaier, the Smash completed a remarkable comeback, securing eight consecutive points to win 22-20.

Game 3. MX1. NY Hustlers Win 21-17.

Moving on to the Mixed Doubles match, the Hustlers claimed a 21-17 victory in a fiercely contested battle between Schneeman/McGuffin and Rettenmaier/Johnson. The Hustlers took an 8-5 lead, but the Florida Smash quickly caught up, evening the score at 8-8 and subsequently taking the lead at 11-10. Lacy played a crucial role in keeping the Smash in points, while Tyson finished them off. The Hustlers engaged in back-and-forth exchanges, resulting in a score of 20-17 in their favor. With only one attempt left, they sealed the victory at 21-17.

Game 4. MX2. Florida Smash Win 23-21.

In the second Mixed Doubles match, Anna and Rafa from the Hustlers displayed aggression and took an 11-6 lead in the first half, much to the delight of their fans. However, the Florida Smash found their fighting spirit and closed the gap to 11-12. The match became a battle of determination, with the score tied at 15-15. Kyle and Vivienne from the Smash found ways to win the 50/50 balls, keeping their team in the match. The score remained close at 19-19, and eventually reached 20-20, with AB hitting a backhand crosscourt dink to force an error from Yates and secure the Smash’s first match point attempt. Yates redeemed himself with a backhand flick off Rafa, extending the game to 21-21. In an epic point, the Hustlers saved their own game point at 22-21, but the Florida Smash persevered and staged another comeback to force a dreambreaker.

Game 5. Dreambreaker. Hustlers Win 21-17.

In the Dreambreaker, the cycle through the lineup resulted in a deadlock at 8-8. Travis went 3-1 against Tyson, while Vivienne went 1-3 against Lacy. In the second cycle, the NY Hustlers’ boys stepped up their game, with each going 3-1 in their matchups—Travis against Tyson and Rafa against Kyle. Jorja managed to win her matchup 3-1, but the second cycle ended with a score of 15-17. Travis won the next two points with big forehand drives, but Tyson countered with his own powerful Ferrari forehands, equalizing the score. Rafa concluded the thrilling match with a spectacular off-hand pick-up volley that took Kyle by surprise, securing a dramatic 21-17 finish for the Florida Smash.

UPDATE 5:41 PM PST. Championship Court. Chicago Slice beats Bay Area Breakers 3-1 in Challenger League Semi-Finals.

Game 1. Women’s Doubles. Chicago Slice wins 22-20.

In the Challenger League Semi-Finals, the action kicked off with an intense Women’s Doubles game where Chicago emerged victorious with a score of 22-20. This matchup showcased two of the top women’s doubles teams in the MLP Challenger league, making it a highly anticipated and thrilling game. Both teams displayed exceptional skills and it could have swung in either direction. Bay Area started strong, taking an 11-10 lead before the break, thanks to the impressive performance of their own Ewa Radzikowski. However, when Chicago called a crucial timeout while leading 21-20, it proved to be a turning point as it calmed their nerves and revitalized them, allowing them to close out the game and secure the win.

Game 2. Men’s Doubles. Bay Area Breakers win 21-15

In the Men’s Doubles game, the Bay Area Breakers triumphed with a 21-15 victory.  Breaker’s Pablo Tellez and Christian Alshon showcased outstanding skills throughout the match, making a case for their dominant presence in the Challenger League. The pivotal moment of the game occurred at 5-5, with Alshon executing a remarkable tweener shot, followed by both teams attempting ATP shots that were skillfully defended. Despite Chicago’s efforts to slow down the seemingly unstoppable force of Tellez and Alshon, the Bay Area Breakers maintained control throughout the entire game. They built a commanding 20-11 lead, and although Chicago managed to narrow the gap to 15, Tellez and Alshon closed the game with authority, securing the victory for them.

Game 3. Chicago Slice wins 21-15
In an exhilarating matchup of Mixed Doubles, the Chicago Slice emerged victorious with a well-deserved 21-15 win over their opponents. Right from the start, Chicago established their dominance, quickly building an 11-7 lead. The driving force behind their success was none other than the unstoppable Connor Garnett, whose powerful attacks proved to be a formidable weapon. Garnett’s relentless performance allowed Chicago to extend their lead to 18-13.

During a crucial phase of the match, Chicago executed two remarkable plays that showcased their exceptional teamwork. Both plays involved Garnett making a strategic move by poaching and swiftly switching sides of the court with Barr. Despite the challenging transition, Barr seamlessly adapted, maneuvered her way to the kitchen, and skillfully finished the points. These outstanding team plays demonstrated the synchronized coordination and chemistry between the Chicago team members.

The victory for the Chicago Slice in the Mixed Doubles game was both much-needed and well-deserved. Their quick lead, powered by Garnett’s exceptional performance, set the tone for the game. The remarkable plays and cohesive teamwork displayed by Chicago highlighted their ability to excel under pressure and secure crucial points.

Game 4. Chicago wins 22-20.

The game began with an interesting incident when Chicago’s Ryler Deheart executed a poach but accidentally hit Bay Area’s Vivian Glozman on the head, causing some visible frustration. This incident seemed to fuel Christian Alshon’s determination to lead his team to victory. However, Ryler Deheart and Emily Aeckerman from Chicago Slice put up a strong resistance and took an 11-10 lead into the end change, thanks to Deheart’s impressive performance in winning multiple firefights.

Chicago continued their strong performance after the break, extending their lead to 18-13. However, the Breakers proved their resilience as Christian Alshon stepped up his game, carrying his team by taking over nearly 75% of the court to help them catch up to Chicago. The score became 20-20, setting up a thrilling finish. Despite Bay Area’s valiant efforts and Chicago’s failure to capitalize on four match points, Chicago finally sealed the victory on their fifth attempt, securing a 22-20 triumph in what turned out to be one of the most exciting matchups of the weekend so far.

UPDATE 5:52 PM PST. Grandstand Court. Dallas Pickleball Club beats DC Pickleball Team 3-1.

Game 1. Men’s Doubles. DC Pickleball Team wins 21-12. 

In an intense Men’s Doubles game, the DC Pickleball Team emerged victorious with a decisive 21-12 win over the Dallas Pickleball Club. Throughout the game, both teams displayed a preference for a particular side of the court. Dallas managed to take an 11-7 lead when the teams switched sides.

With the score at 13-12 in favor of DC, they unleashed an unstoppable surge, going on an impressive 8-0 run to seal their victory. The duo of Querrey and Auvergne from DC proved to be a formidable force, winning several intense hand battles during their incredible run. Notably, Querrey showcased exceptional hand speed, exemplifying world-class agility and precision to secure DC’s 15th and 18th points.

The DC Pickleball Team’s remarkable comeback and strong finish demonstrated their determination and skill, overpowering their opponents from the Dallas Pickleball Club. 

Game 2. Women’s Doubles. Dallas Pickleball Club wins 21-19.

In Game 2 of the match between the Dallas Pickleball Club and their opponents, the Dallas Pickleball Club emerged victorious with a score of 21-19 in Women’s Doubles. The game saw an early highlight when Castillo from the Dallas Pickleball Club executed a forehand attack volley down the middle, giving DC an 11-7 advantage. Gecheva’s consecutive backhand volley winners brought Dallas within one point, with the score at 12-11. The game remained closely contested from that point onwards.

Bates from DC made a crucial play, breaking an 18-all tie with an overhead slam that granted DC a 19-18 lead. However, Dallas responded promptly, winning the final three points of the game. The game reached an exciting conclusion with Braverman sealing the victory for Dallas with a decisive forehand attack volley.

Game 3. MX1. Dallas Pickleball Club wins 21-18. 

The game started with DC taking an early lead, surging ahead with a quick 6-1 advantage. However, Gecheva and De La Rosa from Dallas staged an impressive comeback, turning the tide of the game and taking a narrow 11-10 lead during the end change. As the match progressed, the momentum swung back and forth between the teams. A crucial moment came when a powerful overhead shot by De La Rosa extended Dallas’ lead to 18-15. In response, Auvergne from DC displayed exceptional skill with a volley winner, narrowing the score to 18-16. Gecheva later stunned her opponents with a perfectly executed down-the-middle volley winner, leaving them baffled and securing a 20-16 lead for Dallas. The game concluded when De La Rosa made a well-timed poach, intercepting an attack volley and crushing it, sealing the victory for Dallas.

Game 4. MX2. Dallas Pickleball Club wins 21-18.

In an exciting match of Mixed Doubles, the Dallas Pickleball Club emerged victorious with a 21-18 win over the DC Pickleball Team. The pairings of Querrey and Castillo from D.C. and Braverman and Newell from Dallas clashed in a thrilling battle on the pickleball court.

Throughout the game, Braverman showcased her skills and made a significant impact on the outcome. With the score at 20-18, Braverman delivered back-to-back Ernes that proved to be decisive in securing Dallas’ victory. The first Erne came at a crucial moment, stopping DC’s momentum and resulting in a side out. Undeterred, Braverman executed a precise third-shot drop, followed by another successful Erne on the fifth shot, ultimately sealing the game and securing a 3-1 match victory for Dallas. Dallas started the match strong, taking an early 6-1 lead and maintaining control with an 11-6 advantage at the game end-change. Braverman and Newell combined their efforts, delivering an impressive 1-2 combo. Braverman unleashed a powerful backhand drive, and Newell followed it up with a well-placed volley winner, extending Dallas’ lead to 16-9. However, DC’s Querrey managed to convert a Bert, narrowing the score to 16-10. With Dallas holding a 20-14 advantage, DC made a spirited comeback, winning four consecutive points to make it 20-18. But Braverman’s final Erne proved to be the walkoff shot that secured the victory for Dallas.

UPDATE 7:40 PM PST. Grandstand Court. Las Vegas Night Owls beat Frisco Pandas 3-1.

Game 1. Women’s Doubles. Las Vegas Owls win 21-14

In  Women’s Doubles, Las Vegas Night Owls Mary Brascia and Jessie Irvine demonstrated exceptional synergy and skill, making their presence felt right from the start. Brascia’s impressive defensive resets and counters proved to be a game-changer, as she successfully turned defensive plays into offensive opportunities. A notable highlight occurred when Brascia thwarted a Padegimaitte ATP attempt, countering it for a winning shot that propelled Vegas to a 6-3 advantage. This remarkable feat was repeated when Brascia defended another ATP, leading to a crucial 8-7 lead for Vegas. As the match progressed, Vegas maintained a slight 11-9 lead at the court changeover. Irvine showcased her proficiency with a sharp backhand dink that won a pivotal rally, prompting Frisco to call a timeout at the 14-9 mark. Irvine’s forehand volley further extended Vegas’ lead to 16-11, while her impressive defense against a Padegimaitte Erne attempt contributed to Vegas securing a rally and widening the gap to 18-12. Padegimaitte showcased her own brilliance with a fantastic two-handed backhand ATP, bringing the score to 20-14. However, it was Irvine’s forehand volley that ultimately sealed the deal for Vegas. 

Game 2. Men’s Doubles. Las Vegas Owls win  21-12

In Men’s Doubles, Dekel Bar and Collin Johns of the Las Vegas Night Owls left no room for doubt as they dominated the court, securing the men’s game for their team in a convincing fashion. The matchup remained closely contested until Bar showcased his exceptional skills, countering a Navratil speed up attempt and delivering a powerful forehand shot that “body-bagged” hat left Zane Navratil of Frisco. This pivotal play gave Vegas an early 8-6 lead. Bar continued to shine, impressing spectators with a string of remarkable rallies. He executed a surprise speed up (15-9), countered yet another speed up (17-10), and demonstrated his finesse with a slick Erne (18-11). Collin Johns, as expected, proved to be a reliable force on the right side of the court, utilizing his quick hands and impeccable resets to contribute to Vegas’ success.

Game 3. Las Vegas Night Owls win 21-10.

In a commanding performance, the Las Vegas Owls’ duo of Dekel Bar and Mary Brascia secured a dominant victory in the first mixed doubles game against the Frisco Pandas. Right from the start, Vegas took control of the game, building a solid 11-5 lead as they reached the court changeover.

After the end switch,  Frisco’s Grechkina showcased her skills with a slick ATP shot, reducing the deficit to 12-7. However, Vegas remained relentless, refusing to let Frisco regain momentum. A standout moment occurred when Bar executed a remarkable scorpion shot, extending Vegas’ lead to an impressive 15-7.

Game 4. Frisco Pandas win 21-19.

In an intense battle, the Frisco Pandas managed to avoid a sweep by securing the second mixed doubles game against Collin Johns and Jessie Irvine of the Las Vegas Owls. Throughout the game, there were several noteworthy rallies that added to the excitement. Johns executed an Erne shot, leveling the score at 10. Erne’s appeared to come naturally for Johns, as he continued to execute them throughout the game, giving Vegas a 15-10 lead. Irvine contributed to Vegas’ advantage with a well-executed ATP winner, extending the lead to 18-14.

However, Frisco fought back fiercely. Zane Navratil unleashed a powerful backhand speed-up, bringing Frisco within one point at 19-18, putting the pressure on Vegas. Padegimaite showcased her abilities by finishing an impressive rally with a put-away, giving Frisco a 20-19 lead. In the end, it was Navratil who took charge, delivering a blistering third-shot drive before sealing the match with a forehand volley put-away, securing the victory for Frisco.

UPDATE 7:56 PM PST. Championship Court. Seattle Pioneers beat Los Angeles Mad Drops 3-1.

Game 1. Men’s Doubles. Seattle Pioneers Win 22-20. 

Starting with the men’s doubles, the Seattle Pioneers’ Ben Johns and Tyler Loong faced off against the Los Angeles Mad Drops’ Thomas Wilson and Julian Arnold. Right from the beginning, spectators were treated to intense rallies showcasing remarkable patience from both teams, waiting for the opportune moment to increase the pace. As anticipated, Julian Arnold’s infectious energy propelled the LA Mad Drops to a 7-3 lead against Seattle. The game featured incredible speed-ups, resets, and thrilling exchanges, demonstrating a true display of professional pickleball strategy focused on patience and consistency. The first half of the game remained closely contested, with the LA Mad Drops holding a narrow 11-9 lead at the court changeover. The second half continued in a similar fashion, with both teams exchanging powerful shots. At 13-14, Ben Johns executed an extraordinary ERNE shot with impressive speed. There were numerous attacks from Johns and Loong of Seattle at 16-16, but the LA Mad Drops’ remarkable defense forced Tyler to hit a high ball into the net, granting them crucial momentum. However, Tyler (Seattle) found an opportunity for an ERNE and won the point, leveling the score at 20-20. In a pivotal moment at 21-20, Julian Arnold called out a forehand dink hit by Tyler Loong. The Pioneers challenged the call, and after a video review by the referee, the call was overturned, resulting in a score of 22-20 and securing the game victory for the Seattle Pioneers.

Game 2. Women’s Doubles. Seattle Pioneers win 21-18.

In Game 2, Meghan Dizon and Etta Wright started the game with strong momentum from their previous teammates, quickly taking a 5-1 lead. Etta strategically sought opportunities to initiate attacks and kept Irina and Catherine from LA Mad Drop on the defensive baseline. LA Mad Drops called a timeout when they were down 2-7, attempting to change the momentum and disrupt Etta/Megan’s streak. Seattle maintained a significant lead in the latter part of the game, leading 13-6 after the switch. The Seattle Pioneers extended their lead to 18-9 with impressive defense from Meghan, retrieving powerful overhead shots from Catherine of Mad Drops. However, LA Mad Drops mounted a comeback, becoming more aggressive and carefully watching Meghan’s shots. They closed the gap to 18-20. In a frozen moment, Irina and Catherine made an unforced error, allowing Megan and Etta from Seattle to secure the final point, ending the game with a score of 21-18 and giving Seattle a 2-0 lead in the match.

Game 3. MX1. LA Mad Drops win 21-15.

Catherine and Julian Arnold from LA Mad Drops began the game aggressively and with clean play, quickly taking a 5-0 lead against Megan and Tyler from Seattle. LA Mad Drops maintained their lead throughout the game and led 11-6 at the changeover. Catherine and Julian continued to target Megan on the Seattle team, isolating her and creating openings in the middle to capitalize on. LA Mad Drops won this game with a score of 21-15, keeping them in the match.

Game 4. MX2. Seattle Pioneers win 21-12.

Seattle’s Ben Johns and Etta Wright remained focused and engaged, securing a victory against the LA Mad Drops. They led 11-7 at the changeover. Seattle displayed more consistency and patience within the points, avoiding rushing to close them out. Irina and Thomas from LA Mad Drops initiated speedy attacks and aggressive plays, but Ben and Etta’s strong hands and reliable resets made the difference, not allowing LA Mad Drops to gain an advantage. With greater patience and fewer unforced errors, the Seattle Pioneers won this game with a score of 21-12.