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November 2, 2022

With the swirl of recent events, I want to take a moment to remind everyone who MLP is and what Major League Pickleball stands for as we hit the one year mark since our first inaugural MLP Austin event.

MLP has been an innovator.  Whether it is our unique team format, our move to rally scoring, or our history of bringing new interest to the sport of pickleball – we have led the way forward.

Our practice of bringing amazing new owners to the sport has created more buzz and helped launch the professional sport of pickleball to places no one could have foreseen.  Our announcement of an ownership team including Lebron James broke the internet. That story has had over 4 Billion impressions and counting – the biggest story in pickleball history.  Our other amazing announcements (Tom Brady, Kim Clijsters, Kevin Durant as well as their amazing business infrastructure) have further propelled the sport to new heights.  Today is the first anniversary of our inaugural event held at Dreamland.  We celebrate this first year with pride for what we have accomplished.

For me and I think many others, it seems like much longer than a year.  So much has happened in such a short period of time.  It seems the pickleball world lives in dog years.  

MLP will continue to lead the way with the best format, the highest prize money per event, the best and most innovative broadcasts and the best experience for spectators.  We have broken new ground on all these areas and we have only just begun.

MLP is the place where existing stars can burn even brighter and the place where so many new stars are born.  With the global reach that we have built and that we have added through new owner groups, we have an unparalleled opportunity to create mega stars in the years ahead.  Players that play in MLP will see their brands grow and their sponsorship opportunities soar.

Beyond MLP, our sister company DUPR has spread to over 800 clubs across America and 20 countries around the globe by creating a fair and accurate rating system, we improve the play experience for players every day.  Our innovative tournament formats (like the DUPR Waterfall (which guarantees four matches in four hours) and our recent launch of Minor League Pickleball which allows amateur teams to enjoy the joy of our unique MLP format.   We are changing the sport from the top down and the bottom up every day.

Today, on our birthday, we repeat our message that no one can deny:

There’s Nothing Else Like It.